2016 Recap: Dealing, Depression and Dancing

Hey guys,

Another year, another recap post. Yes, I’m one of the millions who had a shitty 2016, but it wasn’t without some good moments. I mean, I could argue that this year was the best in terms of teaching me things, but you’re not here for that nonsense.

In January, there wasn’t much that happened. I started the year with a sleepover with my best friends. What I did do was make a short film with my group in Media and Cinema studies titled Avenoir. You should check it out, if only to see how badly I act in the four seconds I’m in the film.

In February, I turned 19 and watched Deadpool. Yes, Deadpool deserves a mention. I also joined instagram (which would lead me to meeting some of the best people I now call friends, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves). You can check my Bookstagram here: PerceptiveMadness.

In March, I met Connor Franta. He signed a copy of his book for me and hugged me. Nothing else of importance happened in that month.

April is when things started happening. And by happening I mean destroying my life (can you tell I have a penchant for melodrama?). The department I was going to apply for as Head got canned (thanks, best friend) and I thought I was mostly okay about it.

Narrator: She was not okay about it.

I wrote a post I’m rather proud of about what Raga meant to me and how it shaped my life. Even in its absence, it has taught me so much and I’ll forever be grateful for everything it’s done for me.

Remember last year I told you about how I was staring into an abyss of depression, well, this year I fell into across May- July. I was unable to read or blog or do anything without thinking about my failures. It got a bit better in June when I wrote about it and people went out of their way to tell me they loved and supported me and had gone through similar experiences. Sharing what I was going through really helped, and I strongly believe that mental illnesses should not be stigmatised. Speak out, ask for help, professional help if you must. If you take one thing back from this post, let it be this.


In June I met the Bombay Bookstagram group – people who loved reading as much as I did and who are amazing people and even better friends. I also started my final year in Xavier’s, and had my first job as a social media consultant.

In July I failed at another thing I really, really wanted and while it didn’t hurt as much as Raga I was still pretty cut up about it. I dealt with that by reading the most books in July.

In August, I read the Cursed Child. And I have one question: WHY.

September was when things began looking up marginally. I did adult things (made my own bank account) and went socialising with people who weren’t in my immediate group. It was a beautiful feeling. Oh, and obviously, I watched the two best shows of the year in September: Parks and Recreation and Fullmetal Alchemist.

I went for Comic Con with my friends in October, where Salonie had the most badass cosplay ever. And I wrote a post about being a teenager, sentimentality because as I write this I have two months left of being a teenager.

In November, I went for my first concert and I watched The Vamps, Coldplay and Demi Lovato perform live. This festival alone could’ve salvaged 2016.

I went for my last Trad day in college in December and for my first Prom. Both involved a lot of…dancing, among other things. And that’s it, really.


2016 has been full of good people and shitty circumstances. I learned about dealing with people who don’t share my views on socio-cultural issues, and how not to simply cut those I don’t agree with out of my life. But I am working on cutting those who are toxic out. It’s been a great year for reading, fiction definitely helped me escape the nightmarish reality that 2016 was.

I don’t have any goals for 2017 except to be happier.

Favourite posts this year (other than those linked):

Five by Five

On Life and Memories

The Reacher and the Settler

I hope you had a better 2016 than I did, and I hope you have a brilliant 2017.

Until next time,
Nia Carnelio.

P.S. If you’d like to know which were my best reads of the year, check out the latest post on my book blog.


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