Summer 2015 Is Now Here!

Hello good madams and kind sirs!

If you have been waiting for me to post something because my holidays have clearly begun, I apologize. And also because this will the last post I post here for some time. Because it is time to unveil my pet project: Summer 2015. It is another blog I created specifically to chronicle my summer this year. I’m hoping that this blog will help me develop a regular reading habit and one that will stick, hopefully. I hope to write or click a photograph or review a new book or well, do something productive every day this summer. And includes making YouTube videos that will make me cringe if anybody I even remotely know watches them.

So basically, I want to do things this summer. But just not too many away from Wi-Fi, after all I still have a very deep relationship with my laptop and my library.

Incase you miss me, come say hello via email or on twitter.

Until June,

Nia C.



After all, every summer has a story. 

A Girl Can Do Anything

I watched the BBC documentary, and now I put into words what I am feeling, what I’ve felt in the pst when I read about another attack on a woman in the newspaper.

I’m scared. And I’m angry. But more than that, I am worried about myself, my safety and those of every woman living here in India.

Dear Government,

I don’t know how to say this without angering you, without getting scared that someone will come to my house and rape me or do something to my family members, and isn’t that enough said about the country you run?

An eighteen year old educated woman is afraid to talk about what she feels.

It’s not the first time someone has been raped. It is not even the very first crime on women. But this case, Nirbhaya’s, I’m sorry, Jyothi Singh’s case has managed to do what scores of other rape cases and attacks against women couldn’t.

It terrified all the women.

Please, please tell me it is safe, very safe for me to go out of my house after 6.30, 7.30 or 8.30 with my assorted mix of family members. Tell me I’m a flower, who needs to be protected from the thorn that is a man. Tell me I am not one of those 20% of women who are good because they stay within the confines of their house. Do light me on fire when I have pre-marital relations at your farmhouse.


Tell me it is my fault when I get raped, why don’t you?

How are we a developing country when the leaders we elected decide what a certain gender can wear, what time they can go out and who they can be with?  When did it become more important to ban stuff rather than solving or hell, stopping the millions of rape cases over the years?

Is my safety; is the slaughter of a woman, of her mental and physical strength not equal to the slaughter of an animal? How then, are we supposed to trust you? You promise, you will make this a safer place for me to live in, but I am scared to go out, what if someone decides they want to teach me a lesson? What if someone decides she shouldn’t be studying, let’s go to her house and rape her?

When the mind-set of the people heading country is backwards, how are we to move forward? The defence lawyers managed to make me cringe with shame every single time they opened their mouth to speak. Is it not scary, that the educated men of our country also do not condemn this heinous act?

To the police, when you say my city is as safe as any other city, why do you have to compare it? Why can’t you make it safe for me? Why can’t you make it safe for all the women who swear it isn’t safe? Why do you not listen to our cries?

To the people who say he was young, when I was seventeen and six months, I didn’t decide they guy who leered at me must be beaten to death or raped to be taught a lesson? To the people who say that they came from underprivileged situations, that is no excuse. What do you say for the rich ones that rape then?

Please stop making excuses and start realizing that the country which worships women as fearless goddess on one side, rapes and humiliates them on the other. Why don’t you understand it is never, and will never be the woman’s fault? She didn’t ask for it, you don’t have to teach her your valuable lesson.

So what if I want to go out at night, unless the law (which I am slowly losing faith in) prohibits it, you are not allowed to stop me and rape me. You are not allowed to rape or leer at me in any situation. I am never asking for it.

How do you explain the tears of the mother who understood what her daughter went through, her father who saw her blood? How do you tell them, we have avenged your daughter’s death, she has helped in making the city safer for women, when you haven’t done a thing? Please do not proudly claim you solved and found the rapists in such a short period of time when you should have been making sure there wasn’t a rape happening at all.

If this offends you in anyway, that’s good. After all, I am teaching you a valuable lesson.

A girl can do ANYTHING.

And maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t forget that too soon.

If you have access to BBC’s documentary, please do watch it.


Book Review: The Blood Of Olympus By Rick Riordan

EDIT – It has come to my notice that two years ago, on this very day, I began this blog. Happy two year anniversary! Thank you for sticking by me and I hope you’ll be there in the future too. Enjoy the article.

On October 28th, 2013, I reviewed the House of Hades on my blog. You can read it here, if you’d like to. On the sixth of February, I finished reading The Blood of Olympus, the finale to the five books of the Heroes of Olympus series and the end to the Percy Jackson novels. This blog post is my review for the same.


None of my friends who’d previously pre-ordered the Heroes of Olympus books bought this one. In fact, my friend was so disappointed with House of Hades that she still hasn’t read Blood of Olympus or BoO, as I’ll be referring to it from now.

For the first time since the The Lost Hero, there is no Percy POV in this novel and I must say, I’m actually happy about that. I’ve had enough of Percy now that several, much better characters have been introduced.

The book starts off fairly well, with the Argo II on another quest, this time to gather stuff and information to defeat Mother Earth – Gaia. But that’s just it – the whole book is full of quests and more quests. The fight with the gaints, which was talked about so much gets over in the blink of an eye when the gods of Olympus turn up to help. The fight with Gaia is laughable. The ending to the Heroes of Olympus isn’t written as well as the Manhattan War scene with Kronos in The Last Olympian. That fight was the crux of that novel. This fight was a mere supplement to the other things going on.

The characters have grown up, they are older and now have more romantic interests. Ugh. Too much romance and far less bloodshed than I expected. I know they’re seventeen and in love, but could you stop with the excessive romance subplots? Every single character, even the ones without any partners have romantic subplots. From Reyna to Nico to Coach Hedge to the three couples to Leo who is pining away for Calypso in Ogygia.

But I liked BoO much more than House of Hades. No Percabeth angst for one, and Nico and Reyna. Arguably the best characters in the entire novel. They had so much potential and I was sorry they weren’t explored much in the previous novels. Riordan managed to handle Nico and his crush on Percy in a very good way, he needs to be aplauded for that.

Hazel and Piper went through some astonishing character development in this book and Annabeth took a step down for a change from being the Mary Sue character everyone loathes. Frank and Leo were good, Leo was the best person on the ship according to me. He provided comic relief and took the plot forward at the same time.

Riordan has spectaculary managed to infiltrate tumblr and fanfiction sites to include several fandom references that my heart squealed with joy everyone I read something like ‘broke Leo’s feels.’ Congratualtions on a job well done there, Riordan. He has done the mythology very well in this one. Several new myths and monsters were introduced and the book is worth it’s mythological salt.

But the entire book’s plot is quite pointless. For a four hundred page novel on fighting the earth goddess, the fight barely takes four pages and is very, very anticlimatic in nature. You almost feel cheated. And if you have read the Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s last book  – you can remove the ‘almost’.

There are other action and fight scenes but they always end well – from fighting wolves with a three to a pack odds, to fighting posion underwater and Jason, who isn’t the son of the sea god, killing the Anti-Posiedon, Polybotes, under water (like what the hell) to the Hunters and Amazons fighting against the hunter who never rests – Orion and still (mostly) escaping without dying, there is a lot of unbelieveable stuff in the novel. And I know I’m reading a fantasy novel about greek gods in modern times.

There is a happy ending as always. Except for Pheobe the Hunter, (from the Hunters of Artemis). She’s probably the only nice minor or major character who dies.

To be fair, Leo dies as well. But he is resurrected and on route to Ogygia thanks to the Physican’s Cure that one of the numerous quests on the Argo II yielded. He has a happy ending, on Festus the Dragon (The Argo II doesn’t survive) along with Calypso as they escape her island and literally go off into the sunset (or sunrise).

Everyone else lives and is happy. The war between the two camps is prevented thanks to Reyna, Nico and Coach Hedge delivering the Athena Parthenos on time to the Greeks. Octavian the idiot augur, dies a very comic and misfortunate death that no one regrets. Good riddance.

Jason and Piper decide to live at Camp Half-Blood, with Jason doing a Percy and working on getting the minor gods some recognition in the times to come. Hazel and Frank are all couplely, with Hazel being made Centurion of the Fifth Cohort. Drinks all around for the power couple of Camp Jupiter!

Annabeth and Percy won’t be fighting too many monsters once they go off to college in New Rome and live there and live happily everafter. I should have expected this – isn’t Disney the publisher?

Nico is my favorite character in this book and he has a sort of happy ending with Will Solace who is also hinted at being gay. Go Nico! Solangelo is my new ship.

Reyna is back at Camp Jupiter, as Praetor as she should be. She and Nico form a brother-sister bond which is heartwarming and we learn much about Reyna and her past life. She is definitely one strong demigod. I wouldn’t say no to a series with Reyna, Nico and maybe Will in the future. Short, like the Kane chronicles. Riordan, take note.

Percy’s nosebleed starting the apocalypse, Leo’s feels, Nico and Will’s conversations, Octavian’s death, the (short) fight with the giants, the (short) fight with Gaia, are some of my favorite bits of the book. Especially becausr they are either fluff, comedy or bloodshed.

The book made me nostalgic. I remember reading the very first Percy Jackson novel when I was fifteen and just out of school, in the summer before college. I took to them like I had taken to Harry Potter. I remember reading Son of Neptune and being in agony because Mark of Athena didn’t come out until October and until December in India. I had finished seven books in less than two weeks. With camp. That’s how much I loved them.

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your favorite characters and knowing you’ll never read anything new about them. I know there are Demigod Diaries and Kane Chronicles / PJ crossover novellas but it’s not the same. There is a Stoll brothers scene during the fight where Connor goes “Yeah, can’t complain. Nice day for it.” referring to the war where I had gut wrenching Fred and George feels.

Goodbye Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Clarrise, Nico, Reyna, Will, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank Leo, Rachel, Connor and Travis and everyone else. It was a good one.

Have you read the book? How did you find it?

Until next time,


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Look At The Stars, How They Shine For You

Look At The Stars, How They Shine For You

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”

― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

You were four when you lay next to Mai, as she told you another Biblical anecdote. You were seven, when you asked your mum what ‘sex’ was. You were nine, when you decided that the Bible was just another storybook you wanted to read.

You were eleven, when they picked on you for reading Nancy Drew. You were twelve, when they excluded you out of their groups, when they discussed makeup and boys. You were fourteen, when you finally realized you would never fit in.

You have come a long way. Nearly at the cusp of adulthood you stand today, the choices you made have defined you and made you who you are.

There are a few things I would like to tell you today. Listen closely, for they are important, not because they are little nuggets of wisdom. But because they are little life stories, your, life stories.

To that four year old self, I want to say, thank you for making the best decision of your life and start reading books. Those picture books will transform into novels that will take you places, help you soar and realize your dreams.

To that seven year old little Miss Inquisitive, learn to keep that flame of curiosity alive for some more years. That will help you to appreciate all that you learn. And today, education is all you need to succeed, or at least, get on the path to success.

To that nine year old, reading will soon envelop your life – embrace it. Never mind the people who stare at you when you tell them they’re teaching you the wrong stuff. You know what’s right, stay true to it is.

To that eleven year old, know that Taylor Swift will put your feelings into words soon enough – “Haters gonna hate, hate hate.” Leave them be. They’ll come to their senses soon enough, when they need you.

To that twelve year old girl hiding alone in the classroom in the break, screw ‘em. Today, they aren’t anywhere worth mentioning. Boy-talk and makeup only took them so far.

To that fourteen year old who said to hell with conforming, even when you didn’t know that word, another excellent decision.

To my past self –

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.”

― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

To that fifteen year old girl who stood at the entrance of the best Arts College in the city, wondering if she would ever get in there, and make friends and be someone – dreams do come true. To that girl in seventh grade who decided to take Arts, everyone else’s opinions be damned, you are one beautiful human being. To that girl who bullied people because they bullied her, things do get better. You won’t even know them soon enough. They’ll be gone forever.

To the girl who hid her Nancy Drew and Famous Five novels between textbooks to read, soon, there will come a time when those who teased you mercilessly will ask for your help in editing, and then you can do what you please. But give them your help, for we must always help the less fortunate, no?

To that girl who lost two best friends and became a social pariah, that is the best time of your life, you will appreciate those you stand by you and those are your friends.

Everything changes. It might be for the better, but not for the best. But it isn’t the worst either. As the days lead to your eighteenth birthday, remember just one thing in your life – love yourself like no one ever will.

That love will take you forward. That love will keep you moving. And that love will make you a better person.

Live your life like you want to. Do what you love. Regret nothing, because at that moment, you wanted it.

And finally – just do it – be you.




This is a story I wrote over at Campus Diaries, somewhere I’m also interning, for a contest. If you’d like to read it there –

Feel free to check out my other stuff there too.

I haven’t written in a while, college and internships have been keeping me busy with YouTube and shows and books also in the mix. I’m currently reading Blood of Olympus, by Rick Riordan. Have you read the book? How did you find it? I’ll review it as soon as I’m done reading it (obviously). Add me on goodreads  –

I hope to write soon, share more stuff, I’ve got loads to tell you.

Have a wonderful day / night / afternoon / evening and everything else.

Until next time,


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The One With The End-Of-The Year Post

Ello there mates!

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post, August, to be specific. And I write this in the last hour of 2014. I definitely wasn’t procrastinating; this is just for the added effect. Two Thousand and Fourteen has been a wonderful year, it has been a year full of surprises, happiness, sorrow and love and even some hate. But it has been one hell of a year.

I started the year in January, writing the prelims for my Board exams and doing miserably in them, wondering if I’d get a decent enough percentage to get the subjects of my choice in senior college. It was tough and I hated studying the subjects I never liked but I did it. Come February, I gave my boards and got done with them in March. This blog turned one in February and I turned seventeen, I became the dancing queen. There were quiet celebrations; I had an exam the day after my birthday.

Mid-March, I was free, free from HSC, free from the Boards, free to live my life. And I chose to use the freedom and binge-watch shows, starting with Supernatural, and it was the best show I have watched. The show has taught me so much; it has changed my life and given me a lot of perspective. April and May, I did an internship, I didn’t like it very much, but it certainly told me that having chosen a career as a writer, I might have to deal with writing for things I do not like. Or I will have no money to buy books or pizza or fandom merchandise.

I got the results of the blasted Boards in June. I still remember the number of rumours about the date of the results and the panic and the confusion. It was mayhem when the results did come, and it gave me a shock as well. I scored well, really well. And I got a ninety-six on a hundred in French and that is pretty much what put me in shock. Those grades must’ve been a fluke, because I’m still struggling with the language this year.

The end of June saw me in the college of my choice, with the subjects of my choice: Psychology, English Literature and Anthropology, with the mandatory subjects of English, a Special Course and French. Sigh. French never leaves me alone, does it? And thus began my journey into a life with Autonomy, maintaining my GPA and watching shows that inspire me.

July, I volunteered for Malhar. I did apply for Organizer, but didn’t make it. But that’s okay. Life is full of things that don’t work out; it makes you appreciate the ones that do. The month of August passed in a blur of Malhar and CIAs – Continuous Internal Assessment. Those dreaded exams that take place every month, those that instil terror and irritation in the heart of every Xavierite.

September and October included studying for End Semester exams, making memories with friends and applying for Ithaka, the annual literary festival of the English Department. I did apply for Editor, but again that didn’t work out. But I did get chosen for Public Relations team and I am very thankful for that, I learned so much from PR –the team and the experience. November was a busy month, with Ithaka work to be done. I actually experienced doing work during a fest. During Malhar, I did nothing, no events. Just gave away some copies of the publication I’d written a couple of articles for. I did write for Ithaka, the Journal. I had a research paper printed in the journal, which was pretty special for me. And in all this madness I also did NaNoWriMo for the second year and won! I wrote the bulk of the writing at the end, once Ithaka had ended and I could breathe a breath of fresh air.

Come December, I got accepted to three separate internships, each of them amazing, but I had to decline two of them, because I had to choose one. So, now I am currently interning at Campus Diaries, one of the leading sites for stories in Asia. And so far it has been a good experience. The internship will end in Feb and I am looking forward to the two months I’ll be interning there.

In other news, two of my best friends switched streams or continents for further studies and it has been a changing experience. I still talk to them, meet them and am best friends with them, but the distance and the change has made it harder and all the more sweeter. I have grown much closer to other friends, had three proper sleepovers (I didn’t let anyone sleep in any sleepover) and made new friends and lost some as well.

And the highlight of the year has been meeting Mark Gatiss, creator of Sherlock and writer of Doctor Who at Mumbai Comic Con. This was my first Comic Con, bang in the middle of my CIAs, and I have no idea what I’ve written in my English Lit paper, probably some rubbish.  And to think I was actually debating on if I should go or not. My friend who convinced me deserves the credit for my presence there. I cosplayed too, terribly and for less than fifteen minutes, but I did. I also bought Fandom merchandise, for myself and my friends. This is where I spent my internship money.

This year I haven’t read many books, barely eighteen, counting books I read for college but I have read countless fanfiction and I have new appreciation for literature and what is classified as literature. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak is the best book I read this year. I also reread several books, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Wicked Lovely series among them and I don’t regret it at all.

And I also started a YouTube channel this year, it’s called Nia Carnelio. Feel free to look it up. I’m going to try to get the hang of video editing and creating and everything.  And I have resolved to write more, I actually passed fifty thousand words of my novel this year with NaNoWriMo this year. Last year I had written short stories, paragraphs with prompts so it doesn’t count. So more writing, a (hopefully successful) YouTube channel, more blog posts and frequent ones (I only wrote eight this year, nine counting this one! This is so less compared to the fifty six I wrote last year!) and staying true to myself are the resolutions I’m making for this new year. Whew, this is one long blog post! You’re nearing the end, I swear.

I know I’m probably forgetting a number of memorable moments of 2014, but that’s okay. Each of them are present somewhere in my memories and I am glad to have experienced them. This year has been a great one, and keeping in mind my motto of ‘No Regrets’, it’s been one hell of a year.

Here’s hoping two thousand and fifteen will be as amazing as twenty-fourteen was.

Until next time,






The Hope For A Better Tomorrow

The Hope for a Better Tomorrow
Every morning when she leaves for work, she smiles and reassures her son that she’ll be home in the evening. Even though she does not know that herself.
As she waits for the train to stop so she can board it, she shuts her ears to all the catcalls and jeers from the passing compartments.
When she enters the subway, she keeps to herself and keeps to one side. She does not trust anyone’s touch anymore – mistaken or intentional.
When she enters her office, she blinds herself to the lustful gaze of her boss and the similar gaze of her junior and focuses her concentration on the tasks assigned to her.
Every day, she is groped at, leered at and jeered at. But, she is silent. Why?
Because she has hope.
She hopes that tomorrow will be a better day. She educates her son to treat women with respect and she hopes other women are doing the same.
She hopes for a better tomorrow, one where she can use all her senses and not feel violated. She will be able to roam free, without any restraints and she will finally be appreciated.
And, that is why she greets her son with another dazzling smile as she enters her home. For she has the best weapon of all,
Hope is a whisper that is going to get stronger someday. And that will be the day humanity is finally restored in her sight.

This is what every woman hopes for.


This is my entry into the Tata Literature Live My Story contest. I don’e hope to win, but I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions on the short article I wrote for it.

If you’d like to vote for me, here’s where you can do it –

Thank you.

I will be back with better, longer and more frequent blog posts once my exams end on Friday.

Until next time,








Of People and Opportunities

I’ve probably reiterated this several times, I’m not a huge fan of people and physical contact of any kind. But on the other hand, I do enjoy talking to people, although that seems to be my narcissism rearing its head out. But the one thing I like about people is that the majority of the people give each other a second chance to do things, work out friendships, relationships and so on.

And I admire these people because I can’t seem to get myself to give many people the second chance that they deserve. I’m a firm believer in seizing the day and giving it your all, if you want to do something, you better do it properly. I won’t sympathize with those who can’t seem to do the thing the like, just because they’re lazy or have something easier to do. Or because they have to shoulder someone else’s whims and fancies over theirs. I don’t sympathize with those people who let opportunities pass by them just because they are honouring someone else’s wishes.

I travel by train in the morning to college, every day there are these children who board the same train as I do. And, I know what you’re probably thinking, she’s a seventeen year old girl, it’s not like she’s an adult. But I’m talking about seven-twelve year old kids, all of them going to school. It’s a privately funded school, I suppose since they all seem as though they come from families with struggling against poverty. They seem to board the train from different stations, but the moment they seem that another has the same school bag (they all have the same one) they become one, even going so far as to giving filthy looks to those ladies in the train who try to take advantage of their small size and age. [To clarify, this is when the ladies on the train ask the older ones to take the younger ones on their laps, instead of letting them sit. This is because they want their seat.]

What I admire most about these kids is that they obviously face several problems at home and may have at several points thought about giving up education in exchange for helping their family with menial labour and earning fast money. They aren’t throwing opportunity they are getting, they are studying, taking full advantage of the facilities they are getting. I see them studying, their eyes drooping with sleep, as they help each other complete the homework or they help another with memorizing what they have to study.
People, I have come to realize are different, but somehow we all share the same core traits. Well, most of us do. We are ready to grab any opportunity that we get, no matter the cost. This is probably selfish of us to do, but we know we might never get a chance to do something like this again and we take it. Humans are selfish. Humans are flawed.

And the fact that some of us might have to work hard for a great opportunity to come our way, while others just discard it is the reason I don’t like people who throw away their chances at life. The action may have a logical reason, but I think it’s really unfair. Some of us need the opportunity that others just cast away as though it means nothing.

This is also why I feel these people shouldn’t be given a second chance at said opportunity. I might sound like a hypocrite, since I will obviously and absolutely someday ask someone to give me a second chance. But right now, the unfairness of the universe and just life, in general, stings.

This is another reason why I only like a handful of people. I am perceptive enough to see someone whiling away their time, until it’s the last moment and they need help from someone else to complete their tasks. It is another reason why I seem to detest and judge extremely harshly, those people who never do anything to deserve something but get it just because they know someone, or because of some superficial quality they possess.
If this post came across as a mess, it is because it is. A mess, that’s what.

In other news, my college fest went smoothly. I made many new friends, most of whom I really admire and respect. My exams and presentations begin tomorrow, and as usual I will be busier than a busy bee. [That was not a good analogy at all.]

I am doing so many things at the same time, taking everything headfirst and doing literally everything I can. I have no time left for anything else. But I love it so much. I am in the college of my choice, studying what I love surrounded by the people I care about. It’s going to be a good time.

I apologize for not blogging as frequently. I will try to write more, though I do not promise the same. I will probably complete my years’ worth of posts in November as I will attempt to do NaBloPoMo once again.

Until the next time,

P.S – Also, I have read Lord of the Files by William Golding as my first book in English Lit class and will probably write a review on it. Sometime. Maybe.





Of Growing Up and Going On

There are a few select people in every single person’s life who impact their character, personality and life so much that they actually manage to bring about quite a change. Most of the time, the impact can actually change your whole life and alter your perception about the many things you viewed. It could be positive, or it could be negative. But at the end of the day, your life has been changed.

One of my best friends actually befriended me when i was probably at my worst. I wasn’t the best person back then, and even though I am far from being that now, believe or not, I was actually meaner back then. I was a bully of sorts, except I didn’t really get scared if they stood up to me.

I remember back in eight grade, when my friend first met me, I had actually behaved like some sort of scholar who loved studying. It’s a wonder that we are still as thick as thieves. I owe her my current personality today. If not for her, I would probably be a mean, stuck up, snobby bully who didn’t have any friends because she tried too hard to fit in somewhere she never belonged.

Back in school, reading was not really the thing that would land me a spot on the cool kid’s team. She was the very first person who actually showed me that I was actually cool for reading books while others whiled away time watching TV or playing video games. She was the person who told me that it didn’t matter that I didn’t fit, it was okay to be different. She was different, she was a versatile person, inherently awesome and without even trying. She was friends with everyone, hell, she still is.

She was the first person I knew of who liked Harry Potter. Reading those books were changing my perception of the world, expanding my imagination and feeding my creativity and sharing that with her made it all the more better. We discussed stuff, learned about new things, she basically changed me for the better.

It’s been five years and I’ve changed three of my constant best friends, leading to the third one now. We meet once a year, but we can still talk as though we’ve met every day since school ended and college began. We’re in different streams, we study at colleges at different ends of the city and still when we meet we can talk as though we’ve seen each other very frequently.

The reason for this blog post is that today was my orientation into the three years I will be studying for my Arts degree. And both of my best friends have chosen different things and have managed to succeed in the fields that they have chosen. The best friend whose stories I recollected, she’s going all the way across the globe to America for her graduate studies. And while I will miss her immensely, I know we will still remain the best of friends.

The other best friend, she’s studying for her BMS degree and I will miss sitting next to her in lectures but I am happy that both of us have managed to follow our dreams and are well on our way to achieving them.

R and J, you have impacted my life in ways that you probably couldn’t fathom. And I am sure that if you managed to befriend me when I was such a complete twat, we will remain as thick as thieves for the rest of our lives. [And, since I’m anti social and crazy, I doubt anyone else could stomach me.]

This is an epiphany of sorts, since everything is changing. We’re not children anymore, we will be legal adults in less than a few months. It’s time to grow up, go on and realize our dream and go wherever it takes us. After all, it is our dreams, and our desires that make us who we really are.

And for everything else, there’s Skype and Whatsapp.





Of Forging Unbreakable Bonds

There are very few people in this world that I would do anything for. After my family, barely anyone makes the list. But right now, I’ve got these people that I know, who are so amazing, so lovely, that I know in my heart that I would willingly sell my soul for them. 

I’m not very good with people in general, they baffle me more often than not. But somehow, in the last two and a half years I have managed to get to know these five people from my college, and now I know that they are my ultimate rock. We have a bond that has been forged out of metal, one that isn’t going to break under the test of time. 

I’ve finished the TV series Supernatural, and while horror is the main genre of the show, it is also immensely emotional. The show is beautiful, and somehow I’m left at the end of the series gasping for air since there’s not going to be another episode until October. The show, along with showing me what great television is, also made me learn some excellent virtues. 

Sacrifice, Love, Hatred, Pain, Suffering, these are a few things I’ve learnt so far from the show. From my friends in college, I’ve learnt sharing, caring, trusting, understanding are all integral parts of friendships, hell, any relationship. People are probably the most complex things on the surface of the earth. And we’re just beginning to unravel what great mysteries they are. 

Certain people in your life have an impact on your life. If you’re fortunate,they have a favorable impact on your life and change your personality for the better. If not, then the opposite happens. Then there are those people who have an impact and don’t move away like majority of the people you will encounter in your life. Those are the kinds of people that have to be cherished, for they are few and far in between. 

I’ve been very lucky to get some amazing friends in college, and I don’t have a shadow of a doubt that we will still be friends in the years to come, no matter which degree we choose to study, what job we take up or where we end up later in our lives. These are profound bonds of friendship, that almost nothing can break. I know these people like the back of my hand and I know that when times are tough, they’ll have my back. 

Sometimes, it’s not necessary for one to have a great first meeting with your best friend. For all the other times, meeting them on the first day of college and getting their name wrong will do it. 

Until next time, 






Of Transitions and Endings

I’m not sure if people here know that I’m a cynic, but I am one. I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something or the other to happen that will end up disappointing me or else making me feel like I’m the one doing the disappointing. The reason for the opening sentence to this blog post is that I just finished watching the How I Met Your Mother finale. And no, I’m not here to discuss how the episode was, I’m here to talk about how it made me feel.  (Also, I cried when the mother died in the narration. The only other TV show to make me cry was Supernatural.)

I think it was somewhere around mid- 2009 that I began watching Star World because someone I knew from church told me watching cartoons and Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place wasn’t very cool for a twelve year old. And I distinctly remember that How I Met Your Mother is the first English TV show I started watching that was not made by Disney.

That was the show that helped me make the transition from a rude, irritating , awkward girl to a girl who is still rude, but has grown up. Somewhere down the line, I lost interest in the show that set in motion the wheels which got me where I am right now.

I think HIMYM is the only romance / comedy show I’ve watched and fallen in love with. I’m not that girl who lives on cheesy romance novels and flicks, I’d take the cold slice of reality over that anytime. But there is something in the way that Ted relentlessly pursued the love of his life, the mother of his children, even though he didn’t know who she was and when he would meet her that reassures me. Something that tells me love is not dead.

I come from a land where most of the marriages are built on nothing but an arrangement or a contract of sorts, between the spouses, the in-laws, the families and so on. I’ve not come across a couple until now who’ve actually fallen in love, gotten married and then stayed together. The very idea seems absurd here.

But somehow, my twelve year old self wasn’t the cynic I am now. She loved and fell in love with the characters and the way that Ted met the love of his life. But now, I don’t even hesitate to say that will never ever happen in real life. Real life is much more brutal. It would take a whole lot more than nine seasons and one finale to cover everything.  Marriage is probably built on change and that is something I will have to get used to if I ever want to have a relationship, whether or not it culminates in marriage.

My life is changing and the changes are pretty huge. School is long done and junior college is also over. Three years from now I’ll be done with senior college and will probably be working then. This Summer has been the summer of catching up on all the shows I missed out on, those movies I was too busy to watch and those memories I was too busy saving for some other day.

In less than two days from now, my results will be out and while that thought both relives and frightens me, it will be the first of the things to change my life. By then, I’ll have finished watching the show I wanted to – Supernatural, all through until the terrifying finale.

Maybe, there will be another show that will help in the transition from being a teenager to an adult that I will legally become next February.  Here’s to new beginnings.

This isn’t the end. This is the start.

Until next time,