Back To Blogging [End of Hiatus]

Hey guys,

I know, I know it’s been a while -a month and a half, to be exact. The last time I was here I wrote about turning nineteen and about the new experiences, responsibilities it would bring. I know the title of this post sounds like one of those Animorphs novels I’ve been reading (it is one of them, actually) but that’s to signify that I’m working on blogging regularly and this post is a start towards the same. [The Return was the original title, but Christina posted hers before mine went live and so, the change.]

It’s been a dry couple years, writing-wise. The last time I wrote any fiction (in the form of a novel) was in 2014. Since then I haven’t had the inspiration or the inclination. On the other hand, I’ve read an awful lot since then. It seems like one cannot exist without the other – either I can read or I can write and I need to figure out a way for both those things to co-exist because I can’t really call myself a writer if I’m not writing, can I?

This writer’s block comes from the great place of insecurity and feeling that whatever I write cannot match the amazing stuff I read on a day to day basis. Over the past year and half I have read some truly incredibly books and I really feel the need to step up my game if I ever want to be read by people – or so I feel. (Then I see some utterly crap books that have been published and I wonder, what the fuck is going on?)

So when you see the goals I’d penned down for 2016 – the reading is going splendidly, but the writing (both blogging and otherwise) has such abysmal progress (none at all). I’ve got to work on that, so I’m going back to my bullet journal (which is a normal journal now) and using it to note down ideas and hopefully using these holidays before my final year at college to write something.

A friend has begun writing again and I couldn’t be happier for her, I wish you all the best with the books, S. And hopefully, some of your writing persistence will rub off on me.

And neither will my writer’s block.

And now for a little update on what I’ve been doing with life and my time:

  • I’ve read 43 books so far in 2016 – a mix between short (10 pages) and long (824 pages), graphic novels (Death Note), contemporaries and classics, and even two Indian author books.
  • I’ve been binge-watching Arrow – and that show is SO GOOD. Or maybe I’m biased because I’m clearly in love with Oliver and Felicity and Diggle. OTA forever.

I have a type, I’ve realized – I watch shows where everyone is ridiculously attractive and the characters never die / can be resurrected. Examples include: Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, Doctor Who, and Sherlock among others.

“Come for the plot, stay for the pecs,” seems to be the motto of every show I watch.

  • I’ve hit a short reading slump – I blew through books during my exams and in the sixteen days since April began, I’ve only managed to complete Me Before You which wasn’t that great. I’m looking forward to the film though.
  • I’ve started re-reading The Raven Cycle in preparation for The Raven King that comes out on April 26th. And I am not ready for the utter destruction of my feels. #SaveGansey
  • I’ve done some adult colouring, and they’re turning out pretty fine (according to me) and I’m really enjoying the calmness and the patience it brings along. You can see them here and here.
  • I’ve also been doing Bookstagram – (@perceptivemadness) and I really like taking pictures of books and interacting with other bookstagrammers. There’s a great group of Indian Bookstagrammers I’m friends with and I really like talking to them.

That’s all that I’ve been doing – watching shows and trying to read. I’m also all caught up on the shows I watch regularly:

Quantico (don’t ask me why), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (SO GOOD, you must watch), Castle, The Big Bang Theory (refer to Quantico’s bracket), Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, Modern Family, Grandfathered and Permanent Roomates.

So yeah, while my batch-mates go out and intern at fancy places and make money and gain exposure and all that, I’m sitting at home and probably gaining glasses. Good job, eh?

Until next time, (which I promise will be soon)

Nia Carnelio.

Thank you for reading! ❤



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