The One with the Recap: 2015 Edition

Hey guys,

2015’s pretty much done, there’s a little over six hours left for this year to end and for 2016 to finally begin. And here’s presenting what happened in 2015:


Oh god, back in January I was still a First Year student and that seems like a lifetime ago. I was interning for Campus Diaries back in January, writing an article a week for them on their site. I really liked that internship; I did meet a lot of like-minded folks and learned so many things. Turns out, writing isn’t all that easy as it’s chalked out to be.

My brother turned ten in Jan and received his first Holy Communion too. I can’t believe how quickly time passes, it’s been ten years since I put a little chain around a little potato-looking infant which he promptly chucked away and I just can’t fathom how quickly kids grow (I am aware I sound like an old woman here).


I finally turned eighteen in February, legally able to drive (still have to apply for a licence and learn to drive), vote (still haven’t) & get married (gotta find a guy for that first) in India. I got done with my internship with Campus Diaries and also had a brief stint interning at Tinkle (pretty much my entire childhood) before I fell ill and couldn’t continue. I spent both Valentine’s Day and my birthday at a doctor’s clinic. What a swell time to be alive.

But nothing tops that bloody white & gold dress that broke the internet on my birthday.


The end of the second semester which means, end sem exams. I should say I didn’t do anything in March because I was diligently studying but that’s not true. I did nothing but watch TV shows, I remember binge-watching all of Modern Family and that was one of the shows to make me laugh so much. I also attended the YouTube FanFest with Salonie who is Vee from Whoa! And I did have a lot of fun. Comic Con in 2014 and YouTube FanFest in 2015, who knew I was becoming a social butterfly.

At the end of March I unveiled a second blog: Summer 2015 where I started daily posts for every day of my Summer Holidays and tried to chronicle all that happened in two months. You can find the older posts here, seeing as the blog has been renamed and restyled as a book blog: Books, Feels & Tears. There are also some really cool guest posts from the Fridays With Friends feature that I had running for two months.


Oh, April was whirlwind of events and stuff happening. I applied for Raga Organizer-In-Charge and didn’t make it. I applied for Blog Organizer, Raga and made it. Two years in the making and I’d finally made it up the hierarchy. Most of my friends also made it to Organizers of other departments. I think I started Game of Thrones in April and watched the entire series in time for the last few episodes. And I decided I wouldn’t be reading the books because I can’t handle both the show and the books, my time is too precious.

And in April I also read this amazing book called Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli and that kinda opened my eyes. I finally decided to embrace my love for Young Adult books and that I was done reading the stuff I really didn’t want to. So classics weren’t my cup of tea, big deal. And so I actively began reading again and I’m so happy with that decision. I also won about twenty books from YASH back in April so that made me plenty happy too.


May was full of trains-college-Malhar-blog work. I met lots of new people, discovered how to actually work in a team (even if you hate one/all/no one). I was named People’s Author by Campus Diaries and I won a Kindle from them (which came in June but the certificate and the stipend turned up in May) and I probably had the busiest holidays I’ve had in a long time.

At this time, I also made an effort to talk/tweet more and get to know more people on Twitter and I may have become very attached to the site. And Supernatural Season 10 ended in May and I began the long, agonising Hellatus with every other Wayward Son & Daughter.


And with the advent of June, I was officially in Second Year with only two years more before my undergraduate studies would end. And I started posting on The Malhar Blog and you should really go read some of the articles, I really like them (I might be biased) and you can really see how a college fest takes places and all the fun stuff I’m too lazy to sell to you right now. My very first Kindle arrived in June, and it’s a good thing it was a prize because I doubt I would’ve ever spent that much money and bought it. I was perfectly happy with reading stuff on the Kindle app and on my phone and my TBR was starting to resemble a huge pile anyway.*laughs at the mountain of books that form her TBR now*So June ended with my first volunteer interviews and group discussions and meeting more people than ever.


The first day of July was all swell and dandy, it’s the second day that fell apart. I dislocated my knee in the college canteen and had a spectacular fall that ended with my tears and my yells as I was carted off on a stretcher through the full foyer of people. You can read all about my misery here. I’m still known as the girl who fell in the foyer in college. Sigh.

I spent July on a bed, most of it anyway. My mom came down on emergency leave to take care of lame ol’ me. But I did meet my friend who came down from the States on her summer break. She mercifully stayed with me in the hospital – true friendship right there. AND she got the books I’d shipped to her because people don’t ship internationally. In the meanwhile, I missed my first set of CIAs necessitating a slew of retests that were hell.

Also, the Raga video came out in July. You can see me act as the completely insane Potterhead I am here. I’m the one with the weird hair and one whose face you can’t see.


I slowly crawled back to college in August, just in time for CIA II and Malhar prep. There were fifteen days to go and here I was blogging away to glory (on the Malhar Blog, as was my job). And then finally, five months of blood, lots of sweat and some tears, Malhar 2015 was here. It might be overrated, it might not be what you like, but it was a heck lot of fun for me. I wrote a post I’m rather proud of (seeing I usually hate my own stuff) right here which you are welcome to read.


September saw me work through CIA I with everyday exams designed by Satan himself. Other than that, I finally finished the revamp and the Book Blog was now live. But of course, I kept procrastinating and posting very sporadically. Another thing that happened in September was me getting rejected for Ithaka Public Relations Head and volunteer. Simultaneously, I got accepted to be one of the Editors of the Ithaka journal. So life really does open doors when it shuts another. You’ll remember the Journal back from 2014 when I wrote a research paper and got published. So now I got to edit papers like mine in the Diwali holidays or what’s commonly known as the semester break.


October was a blur of end semester exams that I absolutely did not study for and wonderfully mucked up.  I was in Doha mid-way through the month to spend the vacations with my mum and I spent most of it editing papers and watching shows and reading. This was also the month I kind of went close the depressed side of me but stopped. Other than that, I spent my October reading James and Lily and Scorpius and Rose fanfiction through the night.


November started with the second semester of my second year and I am not ready to say goodbye to my college yet. I know June 2017 sounds far off, but it really isn’t. This was the first November I failed at completing pretty much anything productive. I didn’t attempt NaNoWriMo, and I stopped writing for NaBloPoMo after seven posts. This was when it hit me I hadn’t written much all year, nothing original or mine. I had written across places but they weren’t really mine. I think I’d edited more than I’d written all year by the time November arrived.


I was coerced into attending Traditional Day with my friends and I did go and I also had a lot of fun. I attended a sleepover and that was the extent of my social activities in December. I’ve had a brilliant reading month though; I think I’ve gone through fourteen books. Although it looks like I won’t finish I’ll Meet You There in time for 2015’s end.

As I write this, there’s little time for me to go for mass and then have a sleepover with two of my best friends. 2015’s been a good year (although for some reason December seemed really long to me).  For all the books, movies and shows I went through this year you can read this Tumblr post: 2015 Books, Shows & Movies Recap.

Here’s hoping 2016 is amazing and is better than 2015. My bullet journal is in the works, I don’t feel a reading slump coming on, I’ll be ringing in the year with my friends so it’s shaping up to be a good one already.

This year has been full of ups and downs and loads of stuff that I won. I’ll be opening the Jar of Happiness in some time and going through the stuff that made me happy this year and I invite you to maintain a jar like that for 2016.

See you in 2016.


Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.


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