The Fifth on The Sixth: On InDesign, NaNoWriMo and Fanfiction

Hey guys,

If you’re wondering why I didn’t write yesterday (you’re probably not, to be honest) I was a bit caught up navigating Adobe InDesign and watching Doctor Who and one of them took up literally the whole day and I am sorry to say it wasn’t Doctor Who.

InDesign is probably the most frustrating thing I’ve ever encountered and that’s saying because I’m still trying to map out Eleven’s and River’s timelines and how the hell they are so complicated?

I’ve been working on getting the hang of InDesign because being one of the editors of the English department’s annual journal apparently requires me to have skills in laying out papers. A few months ago, my co-OGs handled all of the layouts for Raga (Malhar’s official publication) and I was mercifully free. I do remember them having to slave over my trashy layouts when we were laying out the Rules and Regulations.

I didn't try...too much.
I didn’t try…too much.

So, I decided to take a break from the laptop (also because mother has been kind pissed about all the time I spend online – radiation and other similar concerns) and post The Fifth on the Sixth. Don’t worry; I’ll post the Sixth in a while too. I’ve been reading Demon Road in the meantime and I’m almost halfway through it. It’s a fairly large book and interesting too. So far (spoilers) a serial killer has been digested by a car, we’ve met a wonderfully talkative Irish chap and our protagonist is demon (with a little less brain power than I’d like but you can’t have everything in life), pretty cool, yeah?

Now, for some news on the NaNoWriMo front: I have absolutely none. It’s been six days and I haven’t penned a word for NaNo yet and you know what the scary part is? I might not, in the next few days either. I still don’t know whether I’m doing NaNo this year or not. Because I don’t want to start off for the first week, then lose steam for the next two and then hurriedly finish 50K in the final week. It is madness and it takes a negative toll on me and that’s not even counting how much time I spend writing when I should be studying for my forthcoming CIAs or blogging or interning or something. I dunno, maybe I’ll do in December or January or not at all. I’m still working things out on the NaNoWriMo front but I will keep you guys posted.

I hoping I can at least write some one-shots in the hopes of writing something this month. Something that is not a blog post, an article or an answer in an exam paper.

In other news, I only have a little over a week before college re-opens and that means I only have seven more days in Doha. It sucks that we can never stay long enough for my mom’s birthday on the 21st but we’re used to it now. But more importantly, I am not ready for the holidays to be done. I’ve been living life in a very peaceful way – reading and watching shows and catching up on some needed fanfiction (Mostly Scorose, but I did read Jily on October 31st).


Fanfiction is important to me, I try and read something someone else has written to take the story I love so much forward and appreciate the effort they put into it. I’ve read beautifully written fanfiction (grammatically correct too) with amazingly conceptualized characteristics (next-gen, marauders) and I can say I’ve been blown away. I’ve read horribly plotted, terribly written books that have gotten published and compared to that, fanfiction is absolute good. I adore fanfiction and I think everyone should read some of it.


My holidays are going well, and hopefully I won’t be taking any more breaks (I seem to be getting the hang of InDesign, finally). Apologies if you think this was a filler post, because I swear I had something to write about but I seem to have forgotten the topic. It’ll come back to me soon, I hope.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.




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