ALL THE OTP FEELS: James & Lily Edition

Hey guys,

Depending on where you live, you’re either done with Halloween or just getting ready to go out for a party, either way, hope you’ve had / will have a great one. I’ve simply been sleeping and reading all through the day – just like I do every day.

Just wanted to drop in and let you know of my plans for November, I have done NaNoWriMo in both 2013 & 2014, but I’m still undecided about doing it this year. If I do end up writing this year, it’ll be fairly low-key. I think I might try my hand at fanfiction this time. I seem to have ended my supply of good ones. And since I only believe enough in two couples to read about their love lives in several hundred ways – James & Lily Potter and Scorpius and Rose Malfoy, I might make it a time travel fic or something – but more on that later, that is, if I manage to motivate myself enough to write 50K this year.

What I AM going to do this month is write thirty blog posts on this blog AND on my book blog. Yes, it’s a lot, yes it is going time consuming and confusing and everything but I have to. This entire year, I have edited more than I have written and for someone who claims writing is her passion that is seriously not done. And so with NaBloPoMo, I am forcing myself to write, even if it is just a hundred words chronicling my day (my days are fairly boring, all I do is read and binge-watch shows). I last did NaBloPoMo back in 2013, which was the year I started my blog but I seem to have lost that writing streak. I’ve got friends giving me prompts for the post and I’ve also noted some things I would like to write about, it’s been a while guys and I really miss writing.

If you want to give me a prompt or get me to write on a particular topic, this is the ideal time. Comment below and I’ll try and write on the topic you give me.

In other news, Halloween is also the death anniversary of my number one OTP, James and Lily Potter. Their love is canon and according to the books, their stag-doe patronuses signified they were soul mates. On the other hand, Snape’s doe was the symbol of unrequited love. And he was also the biggest dickhead of all time.

I’m gonna make a bulleted list of all my James-Lily points. Bear in mind, these are simply my views and most of them have been seen on tumblr, the huge amount of fanfiction I’ve read. All I’m doing is expressing them in my own words:


  • James and Lily were literally perfect for each other. If you tell me he was a dick and teased people, I will very kindly remind you he was only fifteen and at fifteen, boys and girls tend to be dicks to each other. He was a bully, sure, but he grew out of it.


  • Otherwise, Lily Evans who was probably the smartest witch of her time wouldn’t have loved him enough to marry him. That is more that can be said for Snape, who continued to be a bully all the way into adulthood. From terrorizing an eleven year old to become his boggart (bear in mind Neville’s parents were tortured by Death Eaters, yet he didn’t have Bellatrix and Rudolphus Lestrange as his boggarts) and then humiliated a fourteen year old Hermione about her buck teeth and then of course, his unashamed partiality towards his own house. He did many right things, he helped keep Harry safe, he protected Draco but what he did to those kids was inexcusable and unnecessary and the world forgot all about that when he muttered “Always” – the words of man who can’t move on in my opinion.



  • James and Lily loved each other, until the very end. They got married at nineteen, had a child at twenty. They were teenagers when they fell in love and chose to spend the rest of their lives together. I will forever hold a grudge against the movies for the horrible casting they had for James and Lily. They cast adults well into their forties as James and Lily. But that sucks, because James and Lily died young, their tragic love story was cut short before they even had time together. And then when they did the flashback casting, they put pink ribbons in Lily’s hair, flattened James’ hair and made him wear perfectly ironed shirts which were even buttoned up. As someone pointed out on tumblr, Marauder James Potter would never have flat hair (that is completely un-canon) or have perfect shirts after a gruelling exam. Utter nonsense. The only thing they cast right was Alan Rickman as Snape.


  • Rickman was one of the major reasons for Snape’s positive acceptance. It was also because of him that they had to cast middle-aged folks as Harry’s parents. But dear god, this is also when I realized that contrary to what idiots believe Harry Potter is not only for children. Characters in this book aren’t only black and white, you’ve got characters who are horrible but have done good deeds too (Snape) and others like Pettigrew who had their own motivations about their choices which eventually led to the death and murder of numerous people.


I think I’ve made my thoughts clear on the issue of James and Lily. They are my OTP and I will go to the ends of the earth to protect their love. Prepare for some Anti-Snily, Anti-Snape pictures I’ve saved and have helped me realized the truth of Snape’s personality.

5f50311617c9c2e854b79b421e0eaad9 snape-patronus-thing-e1423631534354

Jily is and will remain my OTP. If you would like to add something, feel free to do so. I don’t mean that Snape didn’t help Harry, all I’m saying, he was a dick. Good thing for him, you can be a dick and be helpful. What you don’t deserve is a middle name. Harry could’ve named Albus Severus anything – Remus, Arthur – HAGRID?! The only reason I’ll accept Harry naming his kid after a bully who abused his parents is:


Click the pictures to view them properly, thanks.

Jily is my OTP. Thank you for reading about my love.


First of thirty posts.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

[It’s 10:30 in Doha, but 1 AM in India, so I’m gonna count this as a November post but I might write another tomorrow too.]


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