Of Irrational Fears: Getting Expelled

So I’ve realized (belatedly) that I might have a very irrational fear of getting expelled from my college.

Might be more Hermione than Fred & George than I expected.
Might be more Hermione than Fred & George than I expected.

Time for an eval:

I believe my irrational fear of being expelled or removed from my college stems from the fact that I have dreamed and worked far too hard to get into and stay in my college to ever leave. It was back in seventh grade, when I was 11 that I dreamed of picking Arts after tenth. Fighting criticism from people I knew to finally getting in when I was sixteen, it’s been four years that I’ve called my college my second home.

It’s been a scary place, sort of like applying to Hogwarts and getting in and meeting all these amazing people and learning SO SO much. From academics to extracurriculars to everything else under the sun, I’ve experienced it all in my college.


People told me, you’ll turn into a snob when you go there, you’ll suddenly be too good to talk to us and everything and I vehemently denied that ever happening. But today, I know I am a snob. Somehow I’ve learned that talking to people and wasting your time is not snobbishness, you’ve got to do what makes you happy – because more often than not, you end up sacrificing your happiness to talk to someone you really, really don’t want to.

And why should I talk to you? Especially if you think everything I say is too-smart, overthought and not real or good enough for you? I am proud of my college, proud of the way I’ve learned to think outside the box, proud that I belong to a college where I’m part of an amazing family.


Be it Malhar or Ithaka or Zephyrus, be it Onam Day or Game of Thrones Day (WHICH SO KINDLY HAPPENED WHEN I WAS ON BED REST) or Traditional Day,from lectures to the foyer, every single day I walk into the first Quad, knowing I am infinitely lucky to be a part of St. Xavier’s College, after all, it’s not just a college.

It’s a way of life.



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