How To Identify A Book Blogger

Summer 2015 is quickly coming to its end; I have a little less than a month of holidays left. Even though with all the Malhar work, I’m in college every day. Something that’s been a huge part of my summer this year – Books. I made a promise to myself that I’d read more than the measly eighteen books I read all of last year, two books for college included.  So this year, it’s been less than six months and I’ve read thirty books so far. Pretty good, yeah.

go, tyler.
go, tyler.

During my quest to read more and read better, I’ve met several amazing book bloggers, especially on Twitter and made friends with them. Everyone is so nice and kind and one of my old school friends, [Rhea, who wrote yesterday’s post] has patiently answered my questions about book blogging and ARCs and all. So today’s post goes out to all the book bloggers I follow, whom I know and who are my friends.

  1. They’ve read that book before it’s out.
I've read that book ages ago.
I’ve read that book ages ago.

So you think since you pre-ordered that book, you’re gonna be one of the first people to read it? Nope, noppity nope. There are ARCs* and these book bloggers have them. That means there are people who read each Harry Potter book before it came out and kept their silence. Imagine that.

  1. They have their own lingo.
Anyone else.
Anyone else.

From ARCs [Advanced Reader’s Copy] to INTL [international], they have a whole lot of abbreviations on their blogs for the meme posts, their twitter giveaways and their blog’s USP. Learn it, and you’re in the circle. Otherwise, fake it, till you make it, bro.

  1. Huge, bursting bookshelves, but there’s still space.
Forget the fairytale, all they want is the library.
Forget the fairytale, all they want is the library.

Every one of them has so, so many books, ARCs and we’re not even gonna talk about ebooks. But still, there’s place for more. Every giveaway is entered, shared and told about because there isn’t any resentment if someone else wins. You learn about a new book, someone gets it. A book is a book, all the same. Everyone wins.

  1. Extremely kind to new book bloggers.
Even if they don't need help. :P
Even if they don’t need help. 😛

Book bloggers have either been in the profession for years or are complete novices, like me. But never fear – there is always help to be found. Even the most popular blogger will help you out and talk to you. They’re people who like books, just like you.

  1. Constantly reading.

If you didn’t get that from the title and the context of the post, seriously, they are always reading. I’ve seen people go through two books a day and watch shows and movies and tweet about it. Jesus, forget runners, there should be Olympics for the fastest readers. The winner gets the first ARC of The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater.

  1. They post every day.
Blogging 24x7.
Blogging 24×7.

If they haven’t a got a new review out, they’re probably crafting a clever little post on Waiting for Wednesday or Top Ten Tuesday. Somehow, they post so often, they’re all you see on bloglovin.

  1. They know the best people.
So cool.
So cool.

They are friends with authors, who are amazing in person and on twitter and they chat like they’re old buddies. They know the best books to be read in every genre and they even know who’s written it. Sigh, it’s like small scale celebrity meet and greets – except on twitter and these last a lot longer.

8. INTENSE feelings about a book. 

Two gifs, because twice as many feels.
Two gifs, because twice as many feels.
And because it's Dan.
And because it’s Dan.

They will yell, cry and rage about any book or any character that they need to. They will leave you feeling like you don’t feel enough. Whenever their tweets about a book surface, you know there’ll be hell to pay in the review.

So, that’s it. How you recognize a [YA /NA] book blogger, especially on Twitter.

Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – First posted on my summer blog, and then posted here. Cheers.]


6 thoughts on “How To Identify A Book Blogger

  1. All of this is true!!! SRSLY, NOTHING TRUER HAS BEEN SAID IN THE HISTORY OF TRUTHS. So much love for this post!!! Although, I do believe you can be a BOOK BLOGGER without ARC’s 😉 Some even complain that they have them! It’s really exciting at first, but if you’re not responsible (like me) and you’re always taking selfies instead of reading (like me again) arcs are gonna pile up faster than your laundry and its not fun anymore 😦

    Anyway, great post Nia!! Can’t wait for more from you ❤ I'll be stalking!

    I'm kind of a newbie though!! Can't you tell??? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with Paula, anyone can be a book blogger – it doesn’t have to include ARCs! Right now, ARCs are more like a perk and a bonus. Trust me, when they keep piling up, you’d be glaring at them and not look at them lovingly anymore 😀 I also don’t post everyday because that’s too tiring! Haha. A lot of these ring true, though~

    Faye at The Social Potato

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was smiling throughout the post! This is exactly what I felt like when I was newbie, which was five months ago, and I was in total awe with the whole concept of blogging. We bloggers are such an awesome community, right? I am so proud and glad to be part of it:)

    Liked by 1 person

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