Summer 2015 Is Now Here!

Hello good madams and kind sirs!

If you have been waiting for me to post something because my holidays have clearly begun, I apologize. And also because this will the last post I post here for some time. Because it is time to unveil my pet project: Summer 2015. It is another blog I created specifically to chronicle my summer this year. I’m hoping that this blog will help me develop a regular reading habit and one that will stick, hopefully. I hope to write or click a photograph or review a new book or well, do something productive every day this summer. And includes making YouTube videos that will make me cringe if anybody I even remotely know watches them.

So basically, I want to do things this summer. But just not too many away from Wi-Fi, after all I still have a very deep relationship with my laptop and my library.

Incase you miss me, come say hello via email or on twitter.

Until June,

Nia C.



After all, every summer has a story. 


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