Book Review: The Blood Of Olympus By Rick Riordan

EDIT – It has come to my notice that two years ago, on this very day, I began this blog. Happy two year anniversary! Thank you for sticking by me and I hope you’ll be there in the future too. Enjoy the article.

On October 28th, 2013, I reviewed the House of Hades on my blog. You can read it here, if you’d like to. On the sixth of February, I finished reading The Blood of Olympus, the finale to the five books of the Heroes of Olympus series and the end to the Percy Jackson novels. This blog post is my review for the same.


None of my friends who’d previously pre-ordered the Heroes of Olympus books bought this one. In fact, my friend was so disappointed with House of Hades that she still hasn’t read Blood of Olympus or BoO, as I’ll be referring to it from now.

For the first time since the The Lost Hero, there is no Percy POV in this novel and I must say, I’m actually happy about that. I’ve had enough of Percy now that several, much better characters have been introduced.

The book starts off fairly well, with the Argo II on another quest, this time to gather stuff and information to defeat Mother Earth – Gaia. But that’s just it – the whole book is full of quests and more quests. The fight with the gaints, which was talked about so much gets over in the blink of an eye when the gods of Olympus turn up to help. The fight with Gaia is laughable. The ending to the Heroes of Olympus isn’t written as well as the Manhattan War scene with Kronos in The Last Olympian. That fight was the crux of that novel. This fight was a mere supplement to the other things going on.

The characters have grown up, they are older and now have more romantic interests. Ugh. Too much romance and far less bloodshed than I expected. I know they’re seventeen and in love, but could you stop with the excessive romance subplots? Every single character, even the ones without any partners have romantic subplots. From Reyna to Nico to Coach Hedge to the three couples to Leo who is pining away for Calypso in Ogygia.

But I liked BoO much more than House of Hades. No Percabeth angst for one, and Nico and Reyna. Arguably the best characters in the entire novel. They had so much potential and I was sorry they weren’t explored much in the previous novels. Riordan managed to handle Nico and his crush on Percy in a very good way, he needs to be aplauded for that.

Hazel and Piper went through some astonishing character development in this book and Annabeth took a step down for a change from being the Mary Sue character everyone loathes. Frank and Leo were good, Leo was the best person on the ship according to me. He provided comic relief and took the plot forward at the same time.

Riordan has spectaculary managed to infiltrate tumblr and fanfiction sites to include several fandom references that my heart squealed with joy everyone I read something like ‘broke Leo’s feels.’ Congratualtions on a job well done there, Riordan. He has done the mythology very well in this one. Several new myths and monsters were introduced and the book is worth it’s mythological salt.

But the entire book’s plot is quite pointless. For a four hundred page novel on fighting the earth goddess, the fight barely takes four pages and is very, very anticlimatic in nature. You almost feel cheated. And if you have read the Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s last book  – you can remove the ‘almost’.

There are other action and fight scenes but they always end well – from fighting wolves with a three to a pack odds, to fighting posion underwater and Jason, who isn’t the son of the sea god, killing the Anti-Posiedon, Polybotes, under water (like what the hell) to the Hunters and Amazons fighting against the hunter who never rests – Orion and still (mostly) escaping without dying, there is a lot of unbelieveable stuff in the novel. And I know I’m reading a fantasy novel about greek gods in modern times.

There is a happy ending as always. Except for Pheobe the Hunter, (from the Hunters of Artemis). She’s probably the only nice minor or major character who dies.

To be fair, Leo dies as well. But he is resurrected and on route to Ogygia thanks to the Physican’s Cure that one of the numerous quests on the Argo II yielded. He has a happy ending, on Festus the Dragon (The Argo II doesn’t survive) along with Calypso as they escape her island and literally go off into the sunset (or sunrise).

Everyone else lives and is happy. The war between the two camps is prevented thanks to Reyna, Nico and Coach Hedge delivering the Athena Parthenos on time to the Greeks. Octavian the idiot augur, dies a very comic and misfortunate death that no one regrets. Good riddance.

Jason and Piper decide to live at Camp Half-Blood, with Jason doing a Percy and working on getting the minor gods some recognition in the times to come. Hazel and Frank are all couplely, with Hazel being made Centurion of the Fifth Cohort. Drinks all around for the power couple of Camp Jupiter!

Annabeth and Percy won’t be fighting too many monsters once they go off to college in New Rome and live there and live happily everafter. I should have expected this – isn’t Disney the publisher?

Nico is my favorite character in this book and he has a sort of happy ending with Will Solace who is also hinted at being gay. Go Nico! Solangelo is my new ship.

Reyna is back at Camp Jupiter, as Praetor as she should be. She and Nico form a brother-sister bond which is heartwarming and we learn much about Reyna and her past life. She is definitely one strong demigod. I wouldn’t say no to a series with Reyna, Nico and maybe Will in the future. Short, like the Kane chronicles. Riordan, take note.

Percy’s nosebleed starting the apocalypse, Leo’s feels, Nico and Will’s conversations, Octavian’s death, the (short) fight with the giants, the (short) fight with Gaia, are some of my favorite bits of the book. Especially becausr they are either fluff, comedy or bloodshed.

The book made me nostalgic. I remember reading the very first Percy Jackson novel when I was fifteen and just out of school, in the summer before college. I took to them like I had taken to Harry Potter. I remember reading Son of Neptune and being in agony because Mark of Athena didn’t come out until October and until December in India. I had finished seven books in less than two weeks. With camp. That’s how much I loved them.

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your favorite characters and knowing you’ll never read anything new about them. I know there are Demigod Diaries and Kane Chronicles / PJ crossover novellas but it’s not the same. There is a Stoll brothers scene during the fight where Connor goes “Yeah, can’t complain. Nice day for it.” referring to the war where I had gut wrenching Fred and George feels.

Goodbye Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Clarrise, Nico, Reyna, Will, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank Leo, Rachel, Connor and Travis and everyone else. It was a good one.

Have you read the book? How did you find it?

Until next time,


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