The Hope For A Better Tomorrow

The Hope for a Better Tomorrow
Every morning when she leaves for work, she smiles and reassures her son that she’ll be home in the evening. Even though she does not know that herself.
As she waits for the train to stop so she can board it, she shuts her ears to all the catcalls and jeers from the passing compartments.
When she enters the subway, she keeps to herself and keeps to one side. She does not trust anyone’s touch anymore – mistaken or intentional.
When she enters her office, she blinds herself to the lustful gaze of her boss and the similar gaze of her junior and focuses her concentration on the tasks assigned to her.
Every day, she is groped at, leered at and jeered at. But, she is silent. Why?
Because she has hope.
She hopes that tomorrow will be a better day. She educates her son to treat women with respect and she hopes other women are doing the same.
She hopes for a better tomorrow, one where she can use all her senses and not feel violated. She will be able to roam free, without any restraints and she will finally be appreciated.
And, that is why she greets her son with another dazzling smile as she enters her home. For she has the best weapon of all,
Hope is a whisper that is going to get stronger someday. And that will be the day humanity is finally restored in her sight.

This is what every woman hopes for.


This is my entry into the Tata Literature Live My Story contest. I don’e hope to win, but I would appreciate your thoughts and opinions on the short article I wrote for it.

If you’d like to vote for me, here’s where you can do it –

Thank you.

I will be back with better, longer and more frequent blog posts once my exams end on Friday.

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