Of People and Opportunities

I’ve probably reiterated this several times, I’m not a huge fan of people and physical contact of any kind. But on the other hand, I do enjoy talking to people, although that seems to be my narcissism rearing its head out. But the one thing I like about people is that the majority of the people give each other a second chance to do things, work out friendships, relationships and so on.

And I admire these people because I can’t seem to get myself to give many people the second chance that they deserve. I’m a firm believer in seizing the day and giving it your all, if you want to do something, you better do it properly. I won’t sympathize with those who can’t seem to do the thing the like, just because they’re lazy or have something easier to do. Or because they have to shoulder someone else’s whims and fancies over theirs. I don’t sympathize with those people who let opportunities pass by them just because they are honouring someone else’s wishes.

I travel by train in the morning to college, every day there are these children who board the same train as I do. And, I know what you’re probably thinking, she’s a seventeen year old girl, it’s not like she’s an adult. But I’m talking about seven-twelve year old kids, all of them going to school. It’s a privately funded school, I suppose since they all seem as though they come from families with struggling against poverty. They seem to board the train from different stations, but the moment they seem that another has the same school bag (they all have the same one) they become one, even going so far as to giving filthy looks to those ladies in the train who try to take advantage of their small size and age. [To clarify, this is when the ladies on the train ask the older ones to take the younger ones on their laps, instead of letting them sit. This is because they want their seat.]

What I admire most about these kids is that they obviously face several problems at home and may have at several points thought about giving up education in exchange for helping their family with menial labour and earning fast money. They aren’t throwing opportunity they are getting, they are studying, taking full advantage of the facilities they are getting. I see them studying, their eyes drooping with sleep, as they help each other complete the homework or they help another with memorizing what they have to study.
People, I have come to realize are different, but somehow we all share the same core traits. Well, most of us do. We are ready to grab any opportunity that we get, no matter the cost. This is probably selfish of us to do, but we know we might never get a chance to do something like this again and we take it. Humans are selfish. Humans are flawed.

And the fact that some of us might have to work hard for a great opportunity to come our way, while others just discard it is the reason I don’t like people who throw away their chances at life. The action may have a logical reason, but I think it’s really unfair. Some of us need the opportunity that others just cast away as though it means nothing.

This is also why I feel these people shouldn’t be given a second chance at said opportunity. I might sound like a hypocrite, since I will obviously and absolutely someday ask someone to give me a second chance. But right now, the unfairness of the universe and just life, in general, stings.

This is another reason why I only like a handful of people. I am perceptive enough to see someone whiling away their time, until it’s the last moment and they need help from someone else to complete their tasks. It is another reason why I seem to detest and judge extremely harshly, those people who never do anything to deserve something but get it just because they know someone, or because of some superficial quality they possess.
If this post came across as a mess, it is because it is. A mess, that’s what.

In other news, my college fest went smoothly. I made many new friends, most of whom I really admire and respect. My exams and presentations begin tomorrow, and as usual I will be busier than a busy bee. [That was not a good analogy at all.]

I am doing so many things at the same time, taking everything headfirst and doing literally everything I can. I have no time left for anything else. But I love it so much. I am in the college of my choice, studying what I love surrounded by the people I care about. It’s going to be a good time.

I apologize for not blogging as frequently. I will try to write more, though I do not promise the same. I will probably complete my years’ worth of posts in November as I will attempt to do NaBloPoMo once again.

Until the next time,

P.S – Also, I have read Lord of the Files by William Golding as my first book in English Lit class and will probably write a review on it. Sometime. Maybe.






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