Of Growing Up and Going On

There are a few select people in every single person’s life who impact their character, personality and life so much that they actually manage to bring about quite a change. Most of the time, the impact can actually change your whole life and alter your perception about the many things you viewed. It could be positive, or it could be negative. But at the end of the day, your life has been changed.

One of my best friends actually befriended me when i was probably at my worst. I wasn’t the best person back then, and even though I am far from being that now, believe or not, I was actually meaner back then. I was a bully of sorts, except I didn’t really get scared if they stood up to me.

I remember back in eight grade, when my friend first met me, I had actually behaved like some sort of scholar who loved studying. It’s a wonder that we are still as thick as thieves. I owe her my current personality today. If not for her, I would probably be a mean, stuck up, snobby bully who didn’t have any friends because she tried too hard to fit in somewhere she never belonged.

Back in school, reading was not really the thing that would land me a spot on the cool kid’s team. She was the very first person who actually showed me that I was actually cool for reading books while others whiled away time watching TV or playing video games. She was the person who told me that it didn’t matter that I didn’t fit, it was okay to be different. She was different, she was a versatile person, inherently awesome and without even trying. She was friends with everyone, hell, she still is.

She was the first person I knew of who liked Harry Potter. Reading those books were changing my perception of the world, expanding my imagination and feeding my creativity and sharing that with her made it all the more better. We discussed stuff, learned about new things, she basically changed me for the better.

It’s been five years and I’ve changed three of my constant best friends, leading to the third one now. We meet once a year, but we can still talk as though we’ve met every day since school ended and college began. We’re in different streams, we study at colleges at different ends of the city and still when we meet we can talk as though we’ve seen each other very frequently.

The reason for this blog post is that today was my orientation into the three years I will be studying for my Arts degree. And both of my best friends have chosen different things and have managed to succeed in the fields that they have chosen. The best friend whose stories I recollected, she’s going all the way across the globe to America for her graduate studies. And while I will miss her immensely, I know we will still remain the best of friends.

The other best friend, she’s studying for her BMS degree and I will miss sitting next to her in lectures but I am happy that both of us have managed to follow our dreams and are well on our way to achieving them.

R and J, you have impacted my life in ways that you probably couldn’t fathom. And I am sure that if you managed to befriend me when I was such a complete twat, we will remain as thick as thieves for the rest of our lives. [And, since I’m anti social and crazy, I doubt anyone else could stomach me.]

This is an epiphany of sorts, since everything is changing. We’re not children anymore, we will be legal adults in less than a few months. It’s time to grow up, go on and realize our dream and go wherever it takes us. After all, it is our dreams, and our desires that make us who we really are.

And for everything else, there’s Skype and Whatsapp.






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