Beginnings and Endings

There are several things in the world. Some of them are fixed, others are variable, changing. But there’s one thing, everything here on earth has a start and an end, and each thing is different. Unique.

I suppose I have been feeling nostalgic lately; the two solid things in my life have ended, school and junior college are over. What follows next is a dark, sketchy road the directions to which I don’t have. But that’s okay I suppose, because I know the destination. And a bit of hitchhiking and camping never really killed anybody’s dreams.

A couple of new developments in my life include the fact that I have finally finished watching every  single episode of the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. There are absolutely no more for me to watch and somehow that makes me feel a bit sad. I will never watch a new episode again, never laugh at a new joke joke Chandler makes, never roll my eyes at Monica’s rigidity, Rachel’s silliness, be charmed by Casanova Joey claims to be, be a little worried about Phoebe’s weirdness or Ross’s geekiness.

But there’s always a silver lining to a dark cloud. When something ends, something begins. I have now started watching Supernatural, the famous, the acclaimed paranormal show about two brothers who go ghost-demon-devil hunting. It cannot be more different than FRIENDS. While FRIENDS was a comedy, Supernatural is a thriller. While the 1994 show showed people with co-dependent friendships, the 2005 one shows two brothers who could not be more cut-off from the world.

Life is far too short to fixate over one single thing I suppose. Even if that particular thing gives you immense happiness and giving it up means that you feel like a part of you is gone forever. But then, only when there’s space, can something new enter. After all, too much of something, even if its not bad is not a very good thing.

I like to think of FRIENDS ending and Supernatural beginning in my life as a metaphor, for what’s about to come ahead. I have to leave familiarity, leave what is known to venture into the real world, which is terrible, unknown and most of all, dangerous.

But there’s something to be said about the risk of course, its purely adrenalin and that makes me want to jump headfirst into whatever’s coming. I know its going to be difficult, and I know I’ll have to make decisions that can either make or break my life and I might not make the right decision.  It’s scary and terrifying. I might have just made a decision to reject a certain offer and I might not get another chance. Who really knows?

But I believe that in  the end, I must do what my heart and brain both agree on. Whether its the right thing to do or not, because if you can’t trust your gut instinct, what can you trust really?  And what is the right thing for someone or some society, might not be the right thing for you. And that’s okay, really. After all we’re all as different as we are the same.

So, I guess what this post from me wants to say is that the unfamiliar and the unknown might not be so bad. They’re okay really. And if I do happen to get lost, there’s always a way out because if there’s a way in then there’s a way out. It might not be very good, and you might be different than how you were when you entered but you’ll come out all the same. And that is one of the best experiences.

After all, whatever begins must end and whatever ends must have a beginning.

Until the next cryptic post,









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