The End of An Era – Junior College

For all intents and purposes my junior college life had ended way back in December but there was tiny part of me that knew that until I wrote that last word and slashed across the unused sheet of my Psychology board answer paper, I wouldn’t be done with the two most exciting [so far] years of my seventeen year old life.

So, yes, in a nutshell or a very long sentence, I am back in action. No more sneaking on the computer [no mother, I didn’t sneak, really] or stopping myself from reading books I so desperately wanted to read. I really believe that there is some force that is nothing but mean and mischievous that puts all sorts of grand ideas of movies, TV shows to watch and other things I could do instead of studying.

Here’s a gist of what happened in the past three and thee quarters of months:

December 2013:

I had a great time in college, my class won their Carol Singing Competition for the second time in a row. The competition was in effect the last day of college for most of us, though some other ambitious people chose to come the next day as well. I waxed my arms for the first time and I must say I am not keen to repeat the experience any time soon. It hurts awfully. Then the professors scared us some more about the prelims that were to be held in the first week of January. What a fun way to spend the start of the new year.


January 2014:

And finally the prelims descended upon hordes of twelfth students who only made the mistake of choosing to study for a degree instead of a diploma. Oh well, that passed fairly quickly and that effectively started the last month of preparation for the boards one would get.  All of January passed with the litany of ‘it’s your future. What you do now, affects your whole future.’


February 2014:

The month that was not. The words, ‘Give up the TV and PC for one month, you’ll have three months later,’ were added to the litany that I was constantly surrounded by. I’m sure all of the well wishers meant well, but it was still irritating to be asked, “Done studying?” when the dark circles around my eyes indicated I clearly was nowhere completion.

On a lighter notes, I turned seventeen this February and this blog completed a year as well. My birthday was spent studying for the Sociology I had the next day. Also, I thank everyone who remembered the day and wished me in spite of their exams.

Even though I miss being sixteen, seventeen seems pretty fun. Well, until I remember that all of my friends have turned or will turn eighteen this year while I still have a year to become a legal adult. Still, I’m not complaining, it’s fun to be the youngest in the group.

The last week of February finally brought along the dreaded boards with its vast portions to be studied, its stupid, unfair and illogical timetables and its general depression. Joy.

March 2014:

The month of March dawned with the worst papers – Economics and History that had a gap of one day. If I ever meet the person(s) who wrote the time table for Arts, I will have some choice words to say to them. And of course, after the debacle that History probably was there was a twelve day gap until the Psycho paper so we could make ourselves nuts by either worrying about History, getting fed up of Psycho or just being bored with the Boards in general.

And now, I write to having endured all of this and possibly more. If it seems that I didn’t do much these four months, it’s because there was robot living my life who had been programmed that fun was not an option until the boards were done and dusted with. I almost had no life.

Well, I am back now and am about to have as much fun with my life that I can fit into these holidays. Today was an overwhelming day. I didn’t know if I should read a book, surf the internet until I feel the need to kick my PC down or watch one or possibly, more probably, several seasons of some new TV show.

I have three months to decide. Excellent. This free feeling is probably what our Freedom Fighters fought for. Or maybe it was something similar, because this is a great feeling.

I must take my leave now. I have several interesting things to pursue. I will write much more, since I haven’t written a word for more than three months straight. Technically though I wrote quite a few words, with few being equal to a lot of thousands in my papers (Arts is a field that is purely theory) but they weren’t what I really wanted to write.

Life is good and I’m doing what I love most: lazing around.

Until the next time,




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