The Twenty-Fourth: On Disappointment and Catching Fire

Fifteen minutes back, I got a phone call. Assuming it’d be my mom, I picked it up. No one else really calls me, everyone I know is aware of how much I hate talking on the phone.

So it was a representative from Star Movies, telling me that the Facebook Contest I had participated in had thrown me up as the winner. I was eligible for two tickets to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie, premiere screening. I was ecstatic. His next question, what was my age. And then he burst my bubble, I wasn’t old enough – I had to be above eighteen.

I felt really bad. I never considered my young age a hindrance, I’m a year younger to most of the students in my class, and I have always been. My friend turns eighteen on ninth of December while I will remain sixteen for another two months.

I asked him if I could transfer the win, but no dice. But it’s okay, another opportunity will come. It’s completely coincidental that my friend and I were talking about going to the movie today morning, and I bowed out because I spent the last of my pocket money on Allegiant, and I’m saving up to buy John Green books.

It’s weird how disappointed you can get by things you didn’t have or know about until some time ago. For example, if you had called me twenty minutes back, I would’ve answered you normally, but I doubt I’d have picked your call up if you’d called after the stupid winner call.

I feel horrible, even now on losing the opportunity just due to my age. And, then I went back and read the terms and conditions. You have to be above eighteen to participate. Seriously, what are the bloody odds?

Life sucks when it offers you chocolate cake and then tells you, you can’t have it, and you’ve got diabetes. It’s stupid that you just have no other option than to suck it up and deal with it. But that’s how life is. It’ll give you a great opportunity at the cost of quite a few important things. None of which you can compromise on. It’s stupid and silly, but that’s how life is.

Life is very dicey, to get something you’ve got to give something up. But the trick is to do it anyway. Because then you’ll have done something new and gotten rid of something old. Disappointment is a part and parcel of this journey, without it people wouldn’t have expectations and then the joy that comes with being fulfilled.

If you don’t know what sadness and sorrow are, then you will never be able to appreciate happiness and joy. You’ve got to know both sides to know what to feel. Or else nothing will have meaning.

Maybe it was meant to happen, now when I’ll watch the movie I’ll appreciate even more because of this disappointment the first time. Because I am going to watch it, whether it’s now or a month later does not matter. What matters is that I will. This disappointment will not make me hold a grudge against the movie; coz then I’ll be the one who suffers. And this time it’ll be more than disappointment.

So, I leave you with this. It’s okay to suffer and to get disappointed some times, because if you don’t, you won’t grasp what it is to get what you desire. And believe me, the latter is a wonderful feeling.

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