The Twenty-Third: The Fiftieth

I am a self-confessed ambivert. That means I have the qualities of an extrovert and an introvert. I know it’s weird, but that’s what I am.

Today I waited back in college for some time after the lectures were done; my friends were reading something and editing stuff, so I decided to wait a bit before I ran home like I always do. I think I’ve started realizing on how precious this time is to me, junior college is almost over, there is barely a month left of college.

Even if I am coming back next year, there is no saying if all my friends will come back and will end up in my class. We’ll be adults then, there won’t be much of crazy stuff.

This thought makes me want to stay back in college and enjoy as much as I can, the practices, the time-pass, the inter-class football matches (we won!) and all those other little things that make college life interesting and worth documenting.

Today I stayed back and took loads of photographs, mostly of myself and I made my best friend who is really nice take them, then I took a load of selfies with another best friend’s phone coz mine doesn’t have a front camera, and I think I went a little mad behind them. It was fun; I took many pictures that made me look deranged and that I should be locked up. Fast.

Yesterday I went into the Peer Learning cubicle for the first time. The couches in there are heaven, seriously, I love that place. I might just shift there and start living as a peer-learner. And, I didn’t study there, just slept, it was so peaceful.

Today, well, fifteen minutes back I submitted a short story for a competition. I don’t think I’ll win, but that’s okay, at least, like my friend who edited it said, I got a short story out of it. Writing never goes waste.

I think what I am trying to say today is that life is short. And even shorter is the time you have with people. J, you’re right. I mustn’t sulk, it doesn’t make anyone happy, and that’s probably a memory lost, of something that could’ve been fun. But it didn’t.

Life flashes by really quickly. 2013 is almost over, and before we know it we will have reached the fourteenth year of this century. You blink, and it’s over! You need to seize the moment, take charge if it, once it’s lost, it’s something that you will never get again.

I won’t be so carefree, so immature for a long time. Soon, I will become li

ke normal people, (the horror), I’ll speak politely and refrain from commenting at them, I’ll dress in formals, the tee shirts will be put away, classic books not dystopian, teen fiction and totally amazing, books will be on my to-read list. Life will be routine, no more jokes, no drawing on each other’s hands; everyone will be older, more mature.

And that’s okay, coz that is the next step in life. Evolution has deemed be mature at that age, and it’s correct. Change is constant. But, what we can take along are memories, of amazing moments, stored forever in our minds and hearts, to laugh at and reminisce about when we’re working, to remember and be nostalgic when we’re sad. That is why you should make memories, with amazing people, with great humans, who aren’t afraid to look silly when you make those memories.

Life is short, and time with the people you love is even shorter, but when you create memories and bonds that are beautiful, they have a way of remaining with you until the very end.

Until next time,


I still can’t believe I have fifty posts published on my blog. This is beyond amazing.

Thank you for reading.

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