The Twenty-First: A Letter to Ma

Dear Ma,

Today, on your birthday, I would like to take this moment to thank you. For the many things you’ve done for me and given me, a few of which I shall be mentioning.

You are my best friend, my rock, my mentor and my mother all rolled into one. You taught me that no matter how young I am, nothing and no one can stop me from achieving what I want. You taught me it’s okay to make mistakes, and that it is important to apologize when you do. You told me I was strong, and I believed it. And today, I am.

You showed me women are never to be considered as inferior to men, you told me we are all humans. We are equal. You taught me not to practice blind faith, to know and to understand what I believe in. And, then you told me to have a little faith anyway, for life is bland without the spices of belief and faith.

You told me to guard my heart, not to give it to any boy who would just want my body. You taught me to be prudent with matters of love, not to fall prey to heartbreak. You warned me that everything is not just roses and dreams out there, you told me to be careful. You told me, even then, I must give love a chance when it comes knocking at my door, for without love there is no life.

You rebelled against the system that said mothers and daughters will not get along when the daughter is a teen, you showed them we could be the best of friends. You showed faith in my judgment, young though I was. You told me you could only guide me, and that I had to choose the path I wanted to take on my own.

I learnt family is everything. You showed me how everything I do can affect someone else. You told me to be considerate of people and their feelings, and yet I should never make myself feel low when I make someone else happy. You showed me that kindness and politeness go a long way, and that whoever the person or whatever the age, I must never behave partially with anyone. I must be fair, for that is the right thing.

You told me education is my key to success and that is the only thing that will never be taken from me. You made me understand its importance and why I should never throw it away. You told me to follow my aspirations and dreams and that’s it’s okay for certain things to wait while I achieve them. You told me to happy, no matter where I am and what I do. You told me never to regret anything, and that I must have fun in life. For without fun, life is truly boring.

You taught me that it is okay to want to be alone, but that I should never be lonely. You were my hero, and you still are. If you read this, I want you to know how much you mean to me, and how much I love. I don’t think I can put it into words, but I do love you very, very much. And, that’s why I put this out here, so that everyone can know what a wonderful human being and mother you are. For according to me, you are the best. Indeed, when I’m older and a mother myself, if I’m half as good as you are with me, I will have done a good job with my daughter.

I love you Ma, and this letter only manages to capture the bare essence of the amazing person you are.

I hope you have a great year, and that you may get all that your heart wants.

Happy Birthday Ma,

Your Daughter,




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