The Twentieth: Playing With Fictional Characters

When I went on a trip to Alibaug in tenth grade, none of us slept in the night. It was only a one day trip, so naturally we utilized all the time we had the best way we knew – by staying up all night. So all of us, at eleven in the night guys and girls, even though we had rooms on separate floors ended up on the third floor’s huge central lobby-like thing with blankets and cushions and set up a huge cozy bed-ish thing. Then, the games began.

Truth or Dare – clean dares, we weren’t supposed wake anyone else up, card games like Rummy, Poker (no money), Bank and Donkey, Monkey, Pig and so on were played. At three am, we all decided to play Bedroom, Heart, or Dustbin. I think that is the Indianized version of Marry, Kiss, or Cliff. We have slightly less explicit versions of the games we play. For example, our version of Truth or Dare involves spinning a bottle and the two ends are the people who ask and answer.


  •  Link bag to the person who tagged you (I wasn’t tagged, but she did state that anyone can participate).

  • Take three books and take three main characters of the gender(s) you’re attracted to and decide which one of them you’d rather kiss, which one you’d rather marry, and which one you’d rather throw off a cliff.

  • Tag a couple other people to join in.

So, I wasn’t tagged, but I read this at Neville’s blog and here I am.

First Book: Harry Potter

Characters: Draco, Fred and Neville

I’ve deliberately not chosen Harry or Ron coz then it’d be predictable.

Marry: Fred

He’s amazing, and if I’m married to him I’m sure I can kiss him and cliff him too!

Kiss: Draco

He’s hot, and he’s a bad boy, but a kiss is all I want. I don’t want a bad boy as my husband. It’s be chaos.

Cliff: Neville

I have to do it okay. I’m sorry. Don’t judge me.

Second Book: Divergent

Characters: Tobias, Uriah and Caleb

Marry: Tobias

Reason is the same as for Fred.

Kiss: Uriah

He’s got a snake tattoo. I’m a Slytherin. Sparks are bound to fly.

Cliff: Caleb – no explanation required.

Third Book: Percy Jackson and the Olympians; the Heroes of Olympus

Characters: Percy, Jason and Frank

Marry: Percy

Seriously, once again. I can kiss him my entire life.

Kiss: Jason

He’s a leader, I like power. *Smirks*

Cliff: Frank

Somehow, if the stick isn’t gonna burn I’ll kill him myself. There’s too much of him – both literally and literarily.

So, that’s it.

I leave you with this short, random post because I have French class to go to. I had fun doing this, and I’m tagging my friends Salonie  – Vee and Ahat. Have fun guys!

Have a good day/night.

Until next time,








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