The Sixteenth: On Sweet Sixteens.

I turned sixteen nine months back, and nineteen days before I did I started this blog. Then, I did not know what a blog was or what writing one entailed. Someone had casually mentioned that if I ever want to become a writer, it’d do me well to start a blog. So I did some research (read stalking) about blogging and found a few friends using WordPress for their blogs. I decided to do the same.

And, the journey has been amazing so far. I’ve developed my writing and learnt that it is not just restricted to writing short stories in notebooks and journals like I did. I’ve gotten more confident of letting people read my work, and asking for feedback – both good and bad. I consider it constructive feedback to help me write better.

For my sixteenth birthday, my very good friend P had gifted me a sketch of the Hogwarts coat of arms that she’d made herself, and she’d written something for me behind it:

‘You once told me that when you’re sixteen is when your life truly changes. May all your dreams come true this year!’

I was greatly touched by her gift and remembered the discussion a few months back when I’d been telling my friends that every fictional character I’ve read about had their life changed when they were sixteen: Harry (Dumbledore’s Death), Katniss (Reaped for the Hunger Games), Tris (Chose Dauntless at the Choosing ceremony and changed her life) and many other characters.

And, today on the sixteenth of November, I bear witness that your life does change when you’re sixteen. I have grown so much over the past nine months, emotionally, psychologically and physically (I’ve grown taller this year).  I was fifteen when I first entered junior college and I shall be entering senior college next as a seventeen year old. I have grown so much this past year, I think more than two or three years combined. I’m getting my own identity, my own individuality. I have started discovering who I am and what I want to do and the sorts. I’m growing without having to cut off my roots. I have started understanding people and how they are and have realized that while being nice is important, one needs to draw the line between gullibility and niceness. It’s okay to be selfish at times, to take something for yourself. It’s also okay to be you, whether the society accepts it or not. If it doesn’t, say a giant ‘screw you‘ and move on.

Being a sixteen year old is not easy, you aren’t fifteen anymore and you aren’t seventeen yet. Parents will throw you the sweet sixteen parties expecting you to be all adulty all of a sudden. They want you to start making career choices, understand this and comment on that. It’s hell.

So, I guess sweet sixteen isn’t all that sweet. It’s a bit of sour, with salty thrown it occasionally. But that’s okay, too much of sweetness will probably give you diabetes.

I leave you with this very awkward post.

Until next time,


P.S: The next year, in February, my birthday is one day before my Sociology Board Exam. While I am happy that it isn’t on an exam day, it sucks that there’ll be no proper birthday celebration until the end of the boards. 

you should, dancing is very therapeutic
live your life your way

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