The Twelfth: On Rising Up Again

Rise Up Again, Don’t Cave.

I found this photo today while I was aimlessly rifling through hordes of pictures while saving the ones that caught my attention for future blog posts.

When I came across this picture, Chasing the Sun was playing on my phone. I got the connection between the two and it made me realize how important it is to rise up after falling.

When I was in the ninth or tenth grade, I seriously considered giving up my dream of writing. Why? I hear you ask. (You may not really have, but play along.)

Because I had found out that I had lost the highest to another girl because I’d written a honest man, instead of an honest man in the place where we were supposed to fill in the correct articles. I was miserable all through the week, thinking I would be a failure at writing and that if I didn’t know such basic things, what could be expected of me apart from grammar grief and punctuation problems?

I had almost thrown away my dreams, but then I began to rationalize. It’s okay. It’s just one mistake. Maybe I had read the sentence or the question wrong. Maybe it was just a chance event, probably wouldn’t ever happen again. Still, I remained unconvinced.

Then, I learned of the fact that J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter was rejected by several publishers before the then small company of Bloomsbury agreed to publish it. I was inspired. She was my idol then, and still is. I figured that one small mistake shouldn’t make me drop everything. I should give myself another chance, or maybe a few more.

Slowly, I worked up my shattered self-esteem and gave the next exam paper. I passed that one with flying colors and topped the class with another girl. I was extremely glad I hadn’t given up then.

Looking back on that tiny incident today, I marvel at how young I was. I have matured now, along with age. I have faced many trying events since then, working through each one with nothing but stubbornness, which some might call doggedness, and determination to win.

There have been plenty of people who’ve tried to bring be down, each of them better than the previous one. They have been harsh critics of my writing, often making me second-guess myself, but never enough for me to give up. After all, what they don’t know is that I am my harshest critic. I rarely believe it when people praise me, for I know I can write better. But, all I do is graciously accept it.

In life, it’s important to learn from the past and understand that everything happens for a reason. That we can fail, and it’s okay to do so. It’s human. And that as humans, we must get up once again, we must rise up. After all, if we don’t then there’s nothing worth living for.

So, learn from your mistakes, don’t let them control you.

Until next time,




pity those who rejected the book
pity those who rejected the book





2 thoughts on “The Twelfth: On Rising Up Again

  1. NaBloPoMo sent me here – glad I stopped by. It’s amazing how things so inconsequential to our world now could wreck our teenage lives. And yet we still remember those defining moments today! I’m glad you kept writing.


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