The Eleventh: On Kindness and Helping Others

Many things happen in a day. Some of them provide food for thought; others turn into inspiration for blog posts. Today, I experienced many things I would like to blog about someday (that is if I even remember half of them).

But, the most striking thing that happened was what I felt when I read the newspaper today evening. Since I go to college in the morning, and I’m way too lazy to get up a bit earlier and read it then, I always read the day’s newspaper in the evenings when I return. Odd, I know.

Today, like every other day the newspapers were splattered with reports of murders, rapes and robberies. Cheerful, I agree. But, what struck me were the photos of houses and people that were destroyed in the Typoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines.

There were a few quotes above the Mumbai Mirror report:

“People are walking like zombies looking for food. It’s like a movie.”

“It’s like the end of the world.”  “There are no structures standing.”

“I don’t know how to describe what I saw. It’s horrific.”

Out of all of them, the first two were the ones that I reflected on. The first one, said by someone (the sources aren’t given) compares the loss of life and property to a movie shot. I don’t mean to insult the person who’s said it, all I want to say is that I found it a bit insensitive, and I wasn’t even affected.  One that I reflected on about that sentence was, in a real movie, there would be a happy ending, or a shot wrap or a cut. But there was never going to be anything of the sort for the people affected and killed and displaced by this typhoon.

The second one really made me stop and think. For someone, somewhere it’s the end of the world. And for me? Nothing’s changed. I haven’t faced anything; the world is still the same for me.

So many times I’ve read about bomb blasts killing hundreds, tsunamis literally wiping off over thousands of lives and other such calamities where the death toll is enormous. All I’ve ever done is sigh in sympathy and maybe offer my prayers or wishes to those people.

There are people in Philippines who are scavenging for food right now among the dead bodies of people who used to be their friends, family, and acquaintances. There are people dying there at this very moment, due to lack of help.

We need to wake up and realize that we need to extend a helping hand whenever and wherever it can. It may not be money or food for the survivors of the typhoon; it may just be tending to the neighborhood stray dog. But, we must do something.

My mother always told me, “When you have something, always give to others. It may reduce yours, but you can get it back. The other person may not be able to.”

I’m too young to donate right now. So, I’m helping in the best way I can. I’d like to make people aware of the plight of those people. Just think, suppose it had been you in that place? Or maybe your family member instead? You’d have wanted someone to help you. Be that someone.

Make a change, start helping people.

I’m not very sure of this site, but I’ve been told its effective:

Before donating anything anywhere, make sure it’s going to reach the right people and not someone else who doesn’t deserve it.

In other news, I have finally got my own copy of Allegiant and will be reading it soon. And, college has officially begun.

Please, have a heart, make a change.

Until next time,




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