The Ninth: On Time and Cartoons

Today is the last day of my Diwali vacation (Sunday doesn’t count, it never has). College begins with a renewed vengeance on Monday and from this side of Diwali, there are barely four months left for my Board exams.

Just yesterday, I met up with another friend of mine. While we were talking we reflected on how time passes so quickly nowadays. Back in tenth grade, well the vacations, we used to spend the whole day doing nothing and had more than three hours every day to spend in each other’s company. And now? We’re lucky if we can meet up once in three months.

I realized that time isn’t passing by faster now, I’m just busier now. When I was younger, when I lived in another area, I remember waking up at seven thirty everyone to go and watch Oswald with my best friend at his place at eight. I must’ve been five then. I don’t even remember the boy who was my best friend. It’s been years since I even visited my old building.

I whiled away the whole day playing and watching television. The Power puff girls, Pokémon, Dexter’s Laboratory, Oswald, Pingu were a few of the millions of cartoons I watched. Of course, I still watch cartoons on television today, that’s all my brother watches, but there is a huge quality difference.

There are times when I feel sorry that my younger brother will never fight crime with Scooby Doo and the Gang, or will never make things with Art Attack or will never understand what cartoons actually are supposed to look like. The type of cartoons he watches makes me want to barf, and not just because they’re boy cartoons, no I watched plenty of those too, but because there is absolutely no story line, no plot, basically nothing!

The Japanese cartoons that are such a hit are really horrible to watch, whether it’s the blue freak called Doraemon or the weird five year old kid Shinchan who never ages (even when he gets a little sister), these cartoons have flooded the channels. And, please don’t speak about Disney channel. That’s too far gone, nothing can bring it back.

Time passes by so fast, 2012 got over in the blink of an eye and 2013 is almost done. 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world, and we’re already done with 2013. I have completed sixteen tears of my life, and I still remember days when I was just six. There is so much to be done now; I am so busy every day that I barely notice when the day turns into night and into the day again.

The only way I am able to connect the time when time passed slowly is by remembering how I watched those cartoons with so much of interest. The memories remain fresh in my mind even as this day turns to night, and the last day of my vacation is done and now it’s officially back to studies.

Let’s hope Christmas might go a little slower, I’m in absolutely no hurry to give my prelims or my boards.

Until next time, (which will probably be sooner than you think),





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