The Fifth: On Advertisements and Evolution

The festive season always brings around plenty of advertisements usually intended to confound the viewer into buying a handful of goods and services he doesn’t need, and most probably doesn’t want.

There were two advertisements that caught my eye while I was watching television last weekend.  The first one was the Tanishq advertisement, the same one that has everyone raving over it.

In this one, there is a bride who is getting married, but what’s different this time is that the bride is not fair and this is her second marriage. Living in a country that uses fair and lovely as though it is given by the gods, this ad is a pleasant change.

People have already spoken at length about it, the TOI carried out a small piece on it in its Sunday Editing.  Online, it has already been mentioned in various blogs and newsletters.

This is a sign of the evolution of India, we’re maturing. The people of this country have been driven by the need to have fair-skinned children, partners and in laws. People have spent crores of money trying to get fairer. Everyone gets sucked into this craze, and the obviously fake actresses just encourage them.

The dusky actors and actresses succumb to societal pressure and start endorsing these fairness creams and face-washes and related items. It’s very disheartening to see them all get self-conscious when asked about their dark complexion and hear them mumble some poorly made excuse about a tan and other stuff.

It’s time we grew up and accepted the fact that we live in a tropical country and the melanin in our skin isn’t as light as the people of the west.  Seriously, we need to get over the fact that we’re of a different darker color.

It’s time we evolved.

The second advertisement that caught my attention was the idea one. The one where a taxi driver finds a phone in his cab and proceeds to take out the battery to keep it as his own before his conscience  kicks in and he answers the frantic call of the owner and asks him to come and pick his phone up.

I really like the theme of this one.  Few advertisements leave me with a smile on my face.  The parting message reads, “It’s nice to burn your inner Raavan.”

It sends out a strong message, of honesty, integrity and sincerity. It also shows us that it’s okay if we make a mistake or have a wrong thought, as long as we don’t act upon it or as long as we do the right thing in the end.

It’s these kinds of advertisements that make me marvel on the creativity of my country and the obvious kind of geniuses we have in our country.

That’s what I think.   A genius isn’t a doctor or an engineer, but someone who can think out of the box, who can think differently.  Those who’ve given the ideas for these advertisements are the true geniuses in my opinion.

Until next time,









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