The Fourth: On Best Friends, Reunions and Memories

I’m not a very humble person by nature. It takes me a lot of tries to practise humility. But, I have three amazing best friends who have this down to a T. B, J and R. The three of them are extremely intelligent in their own ways, and yet are not boastful or bragging about their several achievements.

I meet B and J every day; we study in the same college. R, on the other hand is a school friend who studies at a different college. The meetings we have are few and far in between and thus are immensely cherished. I met her today, after almost eight whole months. We’d last met on my birthday on the twenty seventh of February.

It’s wonderful when you meet a person after a long time and yet you know each other inside out, the same way you knew each other back then. R and I met in the ninth grade, when I spread my hands out and told her that the space occupied was mine alone, and she couldn’t invade it. The next action I did was to remove my Marathi text and start learning the first poem. I still don’t understand why she chose to talk to me.

The memories we’ve spent together keep running through my head. The time I was crying after we got caught making fun of a teacher, the time she took her book back from the teacher who’d confiscated it without asking the teacher, the best friend problems we both seemed to have, the mutual love of books, the discussion of our brothers at length. These are just a few of the amazing times I’ve spent with her.

Together, we’re a bunch of misfits who’re busy reminiscing about our memories in school and discussing our future. I still have the piece of paper on which she’d written over 167 characters of Harry for a character game we’d played during a free lecture.

She’s one of the few people who get me, she understands that life is not black and white, and it certainly has more colors than gray. She’s the person who guided me along the way to Harry Potter. She showed me good literature, not the lame phantom books we were forced to read in our school library. She was the first person who didn’t treat me as an outsider because I liked reading; it was because she liked reading herself.

R has inspired me in plenty ways, her determination manages to wake me up and push me forward even through the difficult times. I never have to worry about her ditching me or betraying me. She has something I want to have: integrity.

Today’s meeting gave me plenty of food of thought. I went home wondering why we didn’t meet more often. Today, we were supposed to play badminton, but we just sat talking and talking. We didn’t run out of topics, and we just kept the conversation going.

Finally, I understood why it’s okay for us to meet occasionally rather than frequently. It’s because we’re never going to forget each other, no matter how many friends we make. No matter the distance, we’re always going to be there for each other. And, that makes me feel content.

Until next time,




P.S: R, I will write them.


2 thoughts on “The Fourth: On Best Friends, Reunions and Memories

  1. Your post hit home. I’m having lunch with a friend from high school this week. We’re both approaching 50, me sooner than her, and we when really only get together every few months but when we do we just pick up where we left off once again. Good to have great friends!


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