The Second: On Traditionalism and Modernity

Today morning I dragged myself from my extremely comfortable bed and went for the All Soul’s Day mass in my church. I have a sneaky feeling my bed’s very smart. The moment it feels I’m about to get up it automatically becomes a lot more great to sleep in. That is not the case at night when I’m trying to go to sleep and thousands of thoughts flood my mind. This post is the product of one such thought I had last night.

I have always been a firm supporter of change. I firmly believe that for progress, change is imperative. Without change we’d be stuck in rut that wouldn’t motivate us to work for progress.

Tradition is something has is undergoing major changes in today’s world. When I click on the synonyms for traditionalism, the one that strikes my eye is ‘orthodoxy’. I don’t agree with this.

All traditions are not orthodox, sure some traditions are flawed, and some traditional ideas are what we’d call unmodern. But most of our traditions stem from cultural and ancestral roots that have inadvertently shaped our behavior. These practices are the ones that strengthen relationships and make bonds that can endure difficulties. Traditional practices can be modern too. The tradition of saving some part of one’s income for rainy days has given us today’s banking sector.

Today’s modern society is slowly changing the way we perceive things. It’s changing our mentality and putting contemporary ideas into our minds. Modernity is synonymous with innovation and avant-gardism.  The idea of new things is invigorating, exhilarating for those who think they’ve been bored by their old rituals and philosophies.

The key to a stable society is finding balance between the two. It wouldn’t bode well for us if traditionalism took a backseat today. It’s probably the only thing that’s keeping morals and values in people’s minds. The fear of karma is a traditional outlook, yet it is present today because it still makes sense: As shall you sow, so shall you reap.

Without traditionalism, people might become so mechanical that they won’t give any importance to relationships and feelings. Families, marriages will become obsolete. Children will grow up in emotionless homes, dominated by financial decisions. Society itself will dissolve as it relies on relationships and interactions to keep its equilibrium. Without its social systems and institutions, society will become archaic.

Modern thoughts are needed; they are the spoke of the wheel of progress. But, too much of them can cause indifference, which is worse than hate. We need progress, but not at the cost of tradition.

Which is why, traditionalism and modernity need to walk hand in hand for humankind to progress.

Until Next Time,


The second day of NaBloPoMo.


All those celebrating, A very Happy & Prosperous Diwali to you!


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