Exams, French and Lots of Studying

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, the dreaded ‘E’ word.


The word from which every student – in kindergarten or in college runs far away from. The one word that can change a happy person into a sad and grumpy person. It has the power to make people hate everything. Literally, everything in life. The case in point is of the many suicide rate that shoots up during these times. But, we shan’t talk about that now.


I just gave my French paper today morning, and it’s safe to say it wasn’t very good. I mean, the day I give a good French paper will be the day of the Apocalypse.I figure that’s the only way the Universe will let me imbalance it.


But, I’m happy with myself. I’m made a great amount of progress and am on my way to finally comprehending french! Cheers to that! I could actually read every single sentence and understand it today!

But, I digress.

This year I give my Boards, in the forthcoming months of February and March. They are basically these horrible exams that grade you and you’re stuck with these very grades your entire life. To get a decent job with a good paycheck, it’s apparently important to score in these Boards. This was also told to us in the ninth and tenth standards. In my opinion, if I had to explain ninth and tenth grade to an outsider, it’d be like this:

Ninth Grade: Fields of Asphodel  – Waiting for something to happen, the anticipation might kill you eventually.

Tenth Grade: Fields of Punishment – Where one is tortured, for one’s past sins. Although, as students I suppose the only sin we committed was fulfilling the urge to learn.

I was told that if I studied until tenth, my life would be heaven afterwards.

Thank you for the false hope, Auntijis.

Yeah, they also told me Arts was a walk in the park. Seriously, the practicals aside, the Science students are studying their asses off and here I’m still struggling to finish my Psychology project with Sociology close on its heels.

That obviously did not happen.

Today, I have over seven projects, all research oriented mind you, Google isn’t much help; viva voce  in nine different subjects including Physical Education and Environment Studies!

Even though I was a sadist who liked telling on my classmates when I was younger, I’ve never really liked exams. Sure, when the paper was given back I’d fight with the teacher for the one mark that’d fetch me twenty on twenty( I got it my way nine out of ten times),but still, I’ve never really been fond of exams.

I really think we should try and measure how much the student has learned not how much their memory can store in a last minute cramming session.

Teachers should grade their pupils on activity level in the classroom, their interest and so on. I mean, I started detesting Math after I was told to adhere to one and only one way of doing a sum.

Personally, I think no one should be forced to study something beyond a certain age. Sure, teach the kid physics and math until a certain age so he learns logic and gains analytical skills, but please, for the love of god don’t force him to take it up further if he doesn’t like it.

Let people study, because they want to learn. Please don’t commercialize education.

As for the people who like exams, the way they are now, they shall be stoned.

P.S : The two fields are the Fields from the Underworld in Greek Mythology.  Yes, I have been reading Percy Jackson.

Anyway, I leave to study now.

À la prochaine,

[French for Till next time]


As tradition, tumblr pics follow:

Lol, never.
This is basically what everyone does before a deadline.
I needed something to do with Harry Potter. It’s my best stress reliever. :’)tumblr_m4idv0gErx1rr3l61o1_500

Eh, what the hell.

What’s weird is how many exam-related pics I have.


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