The Rise of Dystopia and Fantasy

I’ve been reading many Young Adult books these days. And, one of my friends happened to notice that a majority of them are either dystopian books or fantasy novels. And, so today I embark on the journey to find out why dystopian books and fantasy books have so much of YA appeal.

Dystopian books:

I suppose it’s the idea of a world much worse than ours that draws readers. As teenagers, we are constantly plagued with angst and confusion. In that, even if the hero or heroine of the book seems to be collected it is enough for us. Mostly, the growing trend today is the rise of female characters donning the role as the central character.  This seems to be done to attract the majority of female nerds who spend most of their time reading.

There are very few, if there are any, utopian books. The idea of a perfect society or world is laughable. No one would buy the idea, and it would remain but a fantasy. No one will be able to relate to it, and this would be a negative point for the book.  

The few dystopian books that I have read are:

The Hunger Games trilogy

The Fifth Wave

Divergent and Insurgent

The Delirium Trilogy

I’m fond of reading such books, because they stimulate my imagination. I wonder out of these, which one will eventually take place. The idea of living in a world controlled by someone or something is fairly repulsive to me.

Still, the next few books on my reading list are dystopian ones. I shall read them and review them in due time.

Fantasy Books:

I’ve been a fan of fantasy since a young age. It started with stories in Tinkle and Magic Pot, the magazines and story books I read as a kid. Then arrived the Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia Series.

I went crazy behind them, even with a short stint as a fan of the Twilight series (I made scrapbooks and all!) The imagination of all the characters kept me awake for many nights, not one of which I regret.

Today, I go mad behind books like The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson books etc. They provide a great deal of entertainment and help me relax after a tiring day at college.

A few fantasy books I’ve read are:

Harry Potter

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Mortal Instruments

The Wicked Lovely Series


Percy Jackson Series

So, yes, somehow, fantasy and dystopian books will always have a special place in my library.

Till next time,


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