Conquer That FOMO!

Fear of Missing Out – FOMO

The Urban Dictionary defines this particular syndrome as,

“Fear of missing out”. The fear, that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.”

There was this article I had read in the newspaper recently, I think about two weeks back. It said that people around the age of 32-35 started developing Fomo. I’m not sure I recollect the age correctly, but it was somewhere along that age group. People belonging to that age group felt that they would be missing out on stuff f they did not go to a particular party/event/occasion/thing.

I distinctly remember snorting at that assumption that only older people have Fomo. On the contrary, I believe that teenagers at the brink of adolescence and young adulthood have been showing the first clearest symptoms of Fomo for years now.

In fact, to stress on why I think so, I shall give you an example.

Just before the start of this year, in May, I was contemplating how many things I would be able to take up other than studies. This is the year of my Boards, the second most important exam in my life that will determine if I get to choose my own career.

So, I figured I wouldn’t take up many things. A few things I’d give up, to accommodate new things. I still remember sitting cross-legged on the sofa and making my list.

I decided that this year I would attempt to teach catechism for the very first time, I wanted to know if I was cut out to be a lecturer. Thankfully, the result has been positive.

So, I decided to give up my activities in the church youth group.

In exchange for going for French classes, I gave up on applying for Malhar this year, promising myself I would definitely go for it next year.

(It’s another matter that that didn’t go as planned.)

So, I would be lying if I said that giving up all those things was easy. I was constantly afraid that I’d be missing out on something cool happening, and then everyone would be like, “sorry Nia, you had to be there,” when they’d make jokes and tell anecdotes.

And, let me tell you from personal experience that missing out on stuff can make you feel really shitty. It makes you feel excluded at times, even though you probably chose not to go to that particular event/party.  It makes you constantly rethink your decision and regret it. Sometimes, everyone feels that way. With something or the other.

It’s human to feel regret. 

I still feel that way sometimes, when I decide to bunk some lecture or some small occasion or just something. Something good might’ve happened, and I might’ve missed something epic. I keep second guessing my decisions at times, but now I’ve learned not to regret anything I do.

But, like every other insecure feeling, it does go away. And, one of the fastest ways that feeling disappears is when your best friend comes over and says, “we missed you, you idiot, you have to come the next time.”

So, to everyone who’s wondering what they’re missing out right now while reading this post, chill out. There’s all the time in the world to have new experiences. There’s nothing and nobody stopping you from scaling the skyscraper of your dreams.

If you wish, then you can share it with your friends. If you don’t, being alone is pretty awesome too.

So, conquer that Fomo and enjoy what you’re doing. No matter how insignificant it is. It’s important to you right, so go do it with everything in you.

Till next time,


As tradition, some tumblr pics follow:


Have a great day. Everyday.

Image Image

Something my best friend would say. I love you too. :’)


Hermione Granger. The first person I knew to conquer Fomo and go her own way.


The journey’s the best part.

Have a great day.


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