Sibling Rivalry 101 : The Elder Sister Speaks

The other day I read a joke. It went something like this.

A catechism class (Sunday school) was in progress. The teacher asked the students, “Which commandment speaks about the way we should behave with our parents?” The answer came promptly, “The fourth one – Honor thy father and mother.”

The next question she asked to her class was, “And, which commandment tells us how we should be with our siblings?”

This time, one small boy from the back of the class answered in a quiet voice, “Thou Shalt not kill.”

I actually laughed out loud at that one. I could actually relate to that little kid who probably had an annoying younger sibling or a bossy older one.

Being an elder sister is never easy. It becomes tougher when you have a younger brother who is exactly half your age. There is absolutely nothing in common and everyday can be a terrible nightmare if you don’t know how to handle a kid.

My mom’ abroad, so the pressure is a tad more. I’ve nearly become a mum to my younger brother Nik. He’s eight, and I’m sixteen. Vast, gaping age difference, I know. Still, there is nothing different about us. We still fight everyday.

He believes mum and dad favor me cause I’m the older one, while I know that they favor him more. And, it’s cool. I do it too. He’s really small, still too young to comprehend stuff.

I distinctly remember wishing that mum would pop out a baby sis for me. I wanted a sister because I thought I’d get more toys and dresses. And, I was still in the boys-have-cooties stage at that time. But, I still remember when I was told that I had a brother, I heaved a sigh of relief. I wasn’t too keen on sharing my stuff. A brother meant that I still got to keep my stuff as my own.

God, was I mistaken. 

He has grown up to be the most inquisitive person I know. Questions everything about me, leaves out nothing! And, at times it gets superbly awkward. Like that time he asked me if I had a boyfriend, in front of my parents.  I coughed and stuttered a barely audible ‘no’. And, it wasn’t that I had one, just that I was shocked that he was the one who had asked me. He was six then.

He’s pretty smart for his age. He knows the lyrics to almost all the songs I listen to, his favorite being – We are Young, the Glee version. He adores the movies I deign to show him – like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the likes.

It is at times like this, when I feel he’s growing up too fast, that I have to draw a line. I can’t take him around with me everywhere. And, he feels very sad about that but there’s nothing I can do. I don’t want him to depend on me his whole life. He has enough potential to make it on his own.

We fight about the pettiest things. And, just because I’m older I don’t give in. He wants to check out my cupboard, I have to refuse because it’s, well, mine. And, then there’ll be a parental intervention which will end in a compromise – I’ll have to give him something of mine for sometime.

I’ve gotten over the fact that he inherited the looks and the brains of the family. He got the dimple and the long eyelashes. I’ve compromised with light brown eyes and a decent nose. And, I’m okay with it. In fact, I actually like it.

But, at the end of the day, no matter how much he annoys me, or how much we fight, he’s my brother.

My only brother. The person I love more than anyone in the world.

He, all but rules my life, and everything I do, is to be a good example to him. This is where my desire to be a lecturer stems from.

And, the best part of having him as my brother, apart from all the love is how well we go together. We’re the best team.

And, our matching smiles (we both have crooked teeth, and we’re insanely proud of it) prove how alike we really are.

This one’s for you Bro.

Love you. Always.


As tradition, some Tumblr pics follow :




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