The Eighteenth of July : A Year In College

I hope you’re pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed — or worse, expelled.
— Hermione Granger

This is probably what my best friends want to yell at me when I whisper-shout curses at the teachers or when I say stuff that isn’t meant to be said in public in an offensively loud tone. Wow, guys (Potterheads plus One) you really are AWESOME.

So, I hadn’t planned this post. But, well I thought, it’s the day we entered college last year as terrified Fyjcs, why not make a memory of it. [So, this post totally doesn’t stem from the fact that my sadistic history professor extended our project deadline by a week.]

I want to do this right. So, I’m going to write about every month I experienced as a Xavierite and Imma give you a preview starting with the month of May.



End of May: Results came out in less than two weeks, which meant that it was now or never for my dream of getting into the best college for Arts in Mumbai. So, when my dad offhandedly told me that I should pay a visit to the college and check out the location and all, I didn’t make much of it. What I didn’t realize it was going to be the story I told everyone as my first Xavier’s experience.

My best friend (J) and I, set out at two in the afternoon so we could catch an empty train. Our parents told us, take the roads to the east. As expected, we ended up walking west. We had walked the whole bloody stretch of Marine Drive, had nearly reaching Oberoi Hotel before someone told us that the persons, (yes, plural. Different people encouraged us to go on the wrong way. Complete idiots.) who had told us the way, were wrong. After an hour and fifteen minutes we reached the station again. And then we had another thirty minute walk to college. But, the view of the college almost made it worth it. (Almost – my feet had blisters when I reached home.) This, was also the first time I saw Marine Drive. It is a marvellous place to visit.


After getting admission and securing it and all that jazz, we were in.

July:  After the orientation, it was finally time to begin the college life. That was the day I first day I met B. She was our first friend, and so far the best. She has transformed into someone so very different (Good different, B).

August:  One month into college and we were experiencing a host of different things. People were different here, much more calm and free, unlike the girls at my convent school. There was no ragging, the seniors are actually pretty amazing. Then came around Malhar. One of the biggest college fests. We were all pretty determined to join the workforce/contingent next year.

September:  This month brought along with it the first exams of FyJc. After an exhausting round of exams, we were free again. Till October of course, until the terms arrived. Around this time, we met the next two members of our little group – M and A. M would turn out to be my partner in crime, we just didn’t know this then.

October:  This month we had our terminals, the first major exams. And, we took in the final member – L. The girl who was about to become the most evil of us all. (Harmless joke, L.)

November: And, just like that we were done with our first time at Xavier’s and we broke up for a short holiday. Soon, December arrived, and we were back in action.

December:  This was the most important month of my Fyjc year. This was the first time I actually ventured out to do something outside my comfort zone. I put down my name as someone who wanted to compere for the Annual Carol Singing Competition, and I got selected! The cherry on top of that occasion was that my very own class – FyJc Arts A won first place!

The earlier half of the month had celebrated Traditional Day. After the usual  clicking of photos, [It has been proven that Xavierites take 20% more photos than their peers. Totally did not make  that up.] my friends, and I decided to go to the Prince of Wales Museum to see the Mummy that had been brought there. After an hour long walk, we reached. After food, I proceeded to dribble unimportant facts about Ancient Egypt into my friends’ ears.

December came to an end when we closed for a short holiday to celebrate Christmas and New Year, with the threat of the second IAS looming large.



January:  The new year dawned with the IAS exams. That done, the lot of us decided to visit Marine Drive. It was around this time that the name Potterheads Plus One came into being. The month of Jan passed with amazing and hilarious moments.

February: This time, the end was closer. After March, we’d break up for more than two whole months! By this time, everyone knew how everyone was. People had created their groups, cliques were formed. Though, the class was still pretty united against one thing – The Evil English Teacher.

My sixteenth birthday came around, and my best friends made it one of the best birthdays. That may have also been because of the sheer number of books I’d received.

March:  The advent of this month brought along every student’s worst nightmare – Final Exams. The ones that decide if you’re getting promoted to the next year or not. I think we were too busy worrying about French Orals to do something significant.

April:   Finally, the exams were done. And, then the next day for the very first time I traveled by the Harbour line to visit B. That day was one of the best days of my Fyjc year.

May – June: We were sleeping. Holidays were on.


JULY 2013

I’m currently writing this blog post, wondering what to tell you about this month. I don’t know if I should tell you that I applied for and got into Raga – Creative Writing Department of Malhar.

Or, if I should tell you that being a Xavierite gave me the confidence to become a catechist in church, where I currently teach eighth standard kids.

I’m debating over the thought of telling you that Xavier’s was the first place I belonged completely. I wasn’t a social pariah anymore, school was done. There would be no more mocking, no more bullying just because I’m a nerd.

I’m proud to say that Xavier’s gave me the confidence to show the world what I can write. It showed me my worth, and I’m so very thankful for that.

St. Xavier’s has given me some of the best experiences of my life. A,B,J,M & L, you guys are the bomb. Usually, I don’t like people. But I’ll make an exception for you guys. You are awesome.


College has is hectic. And, life has certainly changed in this one year. But, it has changed for the people. I’m a better judge of character now, I understand what people’s motives are. College has taught me, not everyone is the same. And, that’s okay. Everyone is allowed to be themselves, regardless of who they are.

This one year has given me so much. I’ve grown as an individual. I’ve made new friends, some of whom  I would never want to leave, the others as fast as I possibly can. I’ve learnt  the difference between best friends, friends and acquaintances.

Most of all, I’ve learnt to be me.

So, here’s to an amazing 2013-2014. I hope it will be more awesome than this one.

Till next time,


As tradition – Tumblr Pics: 




I love this pic. Seems so – French. xD


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