The First Questionnaire : The Start of Something New

So, I’ve been extremely busy this past week. And, I’m bloody exhausted (excuse the language). There has been way too much going on at one time.

Raga articles, catechist training and teaching, French classes and who can forget about the five projects and their project proposals. Gah. What a week.

I have a few blog posts planned for the later half of the week. But, I wanted to start off the week with something new. Something I hadn’t ever blogged about before. I’m going to fill up a questionnaire. I ripping this one of from and she’s taken it from

So, Imma begin. [I seem to be really obsessed with the word ‘Imma’ this week. God alone knows why].

Ambition: I’m very indecisive. When I was younger, and by that I mean in tenth grade, I wanted to do Journalism. But, later after talking to a journalist, I realized it wasn’t the field for me. She doesn’t have a social life, and she’s busy all the time. Well, I like my leisure time. So, I thought about it and then I decided to become a Lecturer, one who teaches English Literature.

Bad Habits: I’m blunt. Blunt to the point where I come off as extremely rude. But, I don’t really care. I call ’em as I see ’em.

Celebrity Crushes: I’ve just started watching Gossip Girl and I must say the boys in it are truly lust worthy. So, Chuck Bass tops the list. He’s followed by Logan Lerman, Tom Felton and Emma Watson. (She is my girl crush).

Drink: I don’t know really. Maybe water. Or cold beer. I do like wine, though. See? Indecisive. I like Bournvita the most though.

Education: HSC. Or 12th grade. Oh, and I’ve done a creativity course from the Stanford Uni website. [Has nothing to do with education really, but I really needed to use it somewhere!]

Food: I’m not a foodie. Though when I’m hungry, I can eat like a truck driver. So, pizza, Mc Donalds, pav bhaji (an Indian delicacy) and FRANKIE! I love those!

Guilty pleasure: Erm, I’m not sure. Fan fictions. I adore fan fictions. People don’t have a clue how many I read. Btw, if you get a chance, do read Delicate and Still Delicate. Harry Potter fan fictions. They’re awesome.

Hometown: I’m not putting this up online. I’m going to give a state – Karnataka.

Icecream: Chocolate. Though I prefer ice candies. Or ice lollies. Or popsicles. Call them whatever you want to call them. They’re tangy.

Jonesing for: Books. New reading material. Somehow, no matter what I read, I feel under-read. So, I read more to fix that. And, it’s been awesome so far.

Kryptonite: Erm? My books. Touch them, and you die.

Look-a-like: Don’t think I have one so far. Though someone did tell me that I looked like a girl on their Football team. Definitely not me. I’m athletically challenged. So, yeah.

Movie: Pitch Perfect. Harry Potter. My Sister’s Keeper. Silver Linings Playbook. Ten things I hate about you. Easy A. She’s the Man. And, more like these.

Nickname: Don’t have one. With a name only three letters long, I’d like to see you have a nickname.

Obsessions: The internet. Reading. Gossip Girl. The Big Bang Theory.

Perfumes: Not really that much into perfumes. Though I do like Blue Lady. Don’t know whose it is though. I want that new perfume called Paper Passion. It smells like books. Pure Heaven.

Quotes: Erm. Any meaningful one from TFiOS or Perks. Though I love the one from Harry Potter – “We’re not stupid. We know we’re called Gred and Forge.”

Regrets: I’ve stopped regretting anything. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll make it for the best.

Singers: Yeah, along with sucking at sports, I’m also really tone deaf. But, currently I’m obsessed with Bastille (the band). And, I’m okay with singers like Katy Perry. I really idolize Darren Chris though. Just because he’s hot.

The Last Book You Read: I just re-read the last Harry Potter book. Does that count?

Unique Feature: I can talk to anyone. Anywhere. And, I hugely sarcastic. And, I can make people laugh.

Vacation: Erm. Not sure again. I love staying at home. I don’t like moving or travelling a lot. But, I’d like to visit London sometime.

Writers: John Green, J.K Rowling, Agatha Christie, Melissa Marr, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth. They’re are plenty more, but these are the ones I could name off the top of my head.

X: Ex? I’m taking this idea from Soumya. Ex-boyfriend? Then, one. Lasted for three weeks before I realized I was commitment phobic at that age.

Years: Sixteen years, five months.

Zen: Reading. Talking to my mom. My brother. Watching stuff on the computer.

_ * _ * _

So, yeah this was my very first questionnaire. I’m not sure if I’ve bored you. Well, I hope I haven’t. Because I did have a lot of fun doing this.

So, just for the heck of it. Imma give you two facts. Two outrageous facts about me [pity I didn’t think of this during the Raga meeting we’d had. But, oh well] :

1. I haven’t watched the Titanic yet. And, I don’t have any desire too. xD
2. I kinda forgot the other fact. If it comes to me, I’ll edit this. Whoops. 😛

So, I’m going to try to find many more fun things to do like this one. I hope your week has started well.

As per tradition, a few Tumblr pics follow :





Have a nice day/night.



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