The Nerd Rebellion

The Nerd Transformation

Almost all of us have seen Penny’s befuddled look when Sheldon, Leonard, Raj or Howard started talking about their science stuff.

And, that look was reflected on most of our faces too.

The Big Bang Theory has created a new era – The Era of Nerds and Geeks. ‘Smart is the new Sexy.’

Shows like Big Bang Theory, Glee, FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother have all made geeks and nerds adorable and this has made quite a stir with the youth and the adult critics.

But, this was not the case a few decades back. If one has read books like The Perks of Being a Wallflower or watched movies like Ten Things I hate about you or Dead Poet’s Society it is very obvious how jocks and cheerleaders ruled the school while the nerds and the computer geeks were classed as outcasts.

As of today, the nerd is a person who everyone wants to be. Nobody wants a perfect body anymore after the birth of Tumblr, where all the misfits gather to appreciate each other’s faults and to make people feel all nice about them.

Nobody remembers how reading was frowned upon back in school. The teachers encouraged you to become a swotty little brat who sucked up to get marks to beat the kid with the highest average.

Now, it’s a completely different scenario. Have you read books? Yes? You’re cool. You haven’t read anything? You’re most definitely a muggle.

And, the Gods help you if you let slip that you’ve not read/watched Harry Potter or Batman. You’re going to become an outcast faster than Judas among the apostles.

Today, the nerds are taking over and how! They’ve made their promise of making the jocks and cheerleaders serve them food come true. They’ve taken the world by storm!

Students are encouraged to be their self, not to copy each other and above all be weird because in today’s competitive world being yourself is the biggest advantage you can have.

The perception of nerds has changed greatly, earlier it was the high rankers, and today it’s those who read books. The perception of Geeks has changed too. Earlier, being identified with the stereotyping geek spectacles (which are now a fashion craze) now they are been viewed as the forerunners of the upcoming companies that pretty much everyone wants a share of.

And, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the millions of stories flooding Fiction Press and Booksie about nerd girls who manage to snag the hottest boys in their school/college. Written as though every nerd is quiet because these girls have low self esteem and a bitchy ex-best friend, theses stories and fan fictions degrade the status of girls who are quiet just because they’re introverted or shy and these writers commercialize it and completely give false hopes to those nerd girls reading these books.

So, in a way I think that the Nerd Transformation or the Nerd Revolution has both positive as well as negative effects. Positive, because the nerds are finally getting what they deserve – respect and appreciation for following their own way and being themselves without any incentive.

Negative, because I hope this attention and preference on different levels won’t go into their heads and make them do a complete three sixty degree turn and in turn create a new hybrid race of nerd – jocks or geek – cheerleaders who will truly be horrifying because, this time the victims will have turned the victimizers.

All, one can do is hope for the best.

All hail the ‘Nerdvolution’.



A/N – This is an application post for a college fest. I loved writing this, I can relate to it so much. It’s literally my life story!

All hail the Nerd Revolution.

As tradition, Tumblr Pics follow – 


Neville – The first nerd who turned badass – though he wasn’t strictly a nerd.




So much of talent :’)



You’re YOU. and, that’s what’s important. Not if you’re a nerd or a jock. 

Have a nice day.

Till next time,




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