MUSIC : My New Obsession

My first memories of music in my life aren’t very pleasant. I was about ten when my mother, like almost all mothers tried convincing me to learn the organ (similar to a piano). I even went lugging an organ almost my size to the class in the neighbourhood. But, that was it. One class and I was bored. I did attend a week’s worth of classes and can play a couple of tunes but my interest decreased and after a week, I left never to try again.

I didn’t think of it as giving up because I simply wasn’t interested. Music wasn’t my cup of tea. And, it still isn’t. I am one of the millions who are called ‘tone deaf’.  Or, as I call to call us – ‘musically challenged’.

At the age of twelve, I joined the church choir for some exposure to music. I like to sing, even though I can’t. They took me in. There, I realized that I was an alto. Yet, music still didn’t appeal to me.

Now, I was on the threshold of teen life. A world dominated by books, movies, tv shows and yep, you guessed it – music. Almost everyone I know has an mp3 player or an ipod with specific playlists according to genre, mood, favorites and others. 

I? I have the Top 40 songs that have been recommended by my musically inclined best friend without any specific order or reason to them.

But, of late I’ve been very interested in music. It started when I watched Pitch Perfect in the Summer holidays and I was introduced to the world of A Cappella.

Then, came along Glee. After watching a scattered few episodes I was hooked and then began the processing of downloading it and watching all the episodes from the very first season.

Glee taught me how music helps people to express them and how it helps people forget their pain when they play an instrument or sing with all the passion in their souls.

Pitch Perfect showed me that music needn’t be monotonous. It can be spontaneous and it can be impulsive.

So, now I have a renewed respect for music and I’ve come to appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into it.

Music is currently my new obsession. I’m obsessed with downloading Glee covers and listening to the original songs as well.

Right now, I’m in love with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen as well as its Glee cover by fictional show choir, Vocal Adrenaline.  

As always, I end this post with pictures from Tumblr ; They might be vague, but they’re all the pics that are related to music.



Uncle Jesse was probably the first person to inspire me about music and pushed me along the path to Glee and Pitch Perfect. 



Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite singers; him saying that Luna is his fav character too just makes him all the more awesome.    



Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of the best books I’ve read. The songs and books mentioned in it are really intriguing and I hope to read all the books and listen to all the songs Charlie talks about someday. 




Lizzie McGuire was probably the best show of our time, and N’ SYNC is still one of my fav songs, its song ‘Bye Bye Bye’ playing on my headphones right now.

So, that’s about it. I’m off to study a bit of French now. 

Till next time,

Au Revoir. 



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