Growing Up

So yesterday I went to this function with my mother and younger brother who’s eight. It was a Konkani Singing Celebration. And, I saw some things there that made me ponder over how fast the kids of today are growing up. I know, as a teenager, it is way too ironical for me to be talking about this, but – hey, I remember how my childhood was and it sure was this fast. So I decided to blog on this topic. But, instead of the usual article-type blog post, I’m going to do a View and Counterview type post. This is so I give both sides a fair chance and then make the conclusion. So, here I go –

View – Aping Jack’s Beanstalk at growing up

In today’s fast paced technological and mechanical lifestyle, growing up before time is imperative as it denotes progress and is synonymous with the development of the society. Children who imitate and act exactly like adults are laying the ground for better, used-to-this-life adults who know how to deal with everything. They are, in straight words, ‘trained adults’ who have been exposed to this fast lifestyle since childhood. Earlier, kids were slower and a bit more carefree – the kids today are careful and meticulous, planning every part of their day. This makes for responsible adults later.

[And, well, children been tomorrow’s future is kind of the only good thing about them growing up way too fast  for their age. Yeah, that’s kind of sad.]

CounterView – Need for Speed eh?

Well, the kids at the program yesterday behaved like moody teenagers when they couldn’t have been older than eight or nine! Well, they were throwing tantrums, having hissy fits, yelling at their parents and what not. Well, nowadays, teenagers aren’t that of a crazy lot – these kid’s are taking over out jobs. Kids today know the latest item songs, adore the most violent shows on television and love imitating adults. And, frankly, I’m not so sure it’s a good thing. Almost every kid has a smartphone these days. Is it really necessary? Even to play Angry Birds or any other game?  What happened to good ol’ “Let’s go out and play!’? Nobody plays anymore. Kids are too busy on the computer watching videos of their cartoon shows that endorse way too much of violence and drama. Gone are the days of funny cartoons – last I saw, Tom and Jerry could speak a few words! That is simply unacceptable.


Conclusion- So, well, yeah. I do think kids are growing up way to fast. Since I have a younger brother who’s eight, I can testify to this. At the end I’d say, having a bit of balance would be good. After all, you can’t stay in the ’90s no matter how much to want to. You have to change and adapt to the growing environment. So, I guess I’d conclude by saying that kids, though needing to grow up, need to slow down their pace before they edge out childhood completely.

So, yes. This is a sixteen year old blogger posting about how eight year olds are acting fifteen.

Till next time,



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