Equality or Justice?

Equality vs. Justice

A couple of weeks ago, while browsing through pictures on Facebook pages, I came across two very different pictures which made me ponder upon the principle of Feminism that I’d always supported.

The first picture was of a quote where a guy said that, if women want the same treatment as men, if women want equality then a man who hits a woman should be treated in the same way a woman would be treated if she hit a man. The second picture I came across had two pictures merged into one. The first one showed three boys of different heights standing on a barrel to look over a fence to watch a match. One observes that the tallest though doesn’t need a barrel still uses one. And, the shortest cannot see with only a single barrel. This part of the picture has a tagline saying – ‘This is Equality.’ The second part of the picture has the tallest without a barrel and the shortest with two barrels which enables him to see the match. The tagline for this part reads, ‘This is Justice.’ And, the title reads, ‘Equality doesn’t mean Justice.’

This got me thinking. The nature of Man and Woman are quite different. We’re said to be from Venus, while they’re from Mars. It’s a myth of course, but one can’t help but see the stark contrast between their respective behaviors.

If men fight, they have scars and wounds to show their defeat or victory. Women, on the other hand use the powerful tool of manipulation. A deadly thing to use, if put to twisted uses. Women, after a fight, generally have nothing to show except a bruised and battered, [both emotionally and psychologically] Ego.

Women, have been considered the weaker sex since ages, have gotten so many benefits in this era, chivalry, being one of them. Today, men can’t win. Either he’ll find a feminist who’ll be super-pissed if you pay her bill, or it’ll be a traditional gal who’ll have her feelings hurt if you don’t. Ironically enough, I’m not trying to support men. This would justify the many wrongs done by the male fraternity on women.

The point of the pictures is to ask why.

Why have women been denied justice and equality? There have been too many atrocities against them. What I personally don’t get is, when a women is raped, why do they call it ‘her dishonor’ ? Is her virginity her only honor? Without it she’s a slut?

No. I don’t believe this. According to me, a woman or in that case anyone should be known and appreciated for their talents and for their achievements. Not if they still have their virginity.

We must change. We must adopt the fact that being raped is not the woman’s fault. You cannot, you absolutely cannot say that she has lost her honor. It is the people who have raped her, who should lose all respect. They should be shunned from the society. If I had my way, I’d be willing to have all the rapists castrated without anesthesia. Yes, it’s what they deserve. The victimized should get justice.

Equality and Justice are not the same. And, neither one is better than the other. What I want to say is that, we need to understand who and what deserves Justice, and what Equality. Learning the difference between them will help us change our society for the better.

Having understood this, I now support Feminism with a new respect for Men and Women as equals, not as different, superior-to-the-other races. I do believe that the people, who deserve justice, should receive it, regardless of their sex or gender.

A proper, equal society that treats everyone properly and not necessarily equally is what the world needs today.


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