Mumbai – My Life


The City of Dreams. My City.

Mumbai – I could go on about it forever. Intriguing and mysterious, it presents me with something new every single day. From the local trains that cannot be found in the same way anywhere else, to the delicious vada pavs, Mumbai is another world by itself. And I am truly blessed to live in it.

There are so many instances which make me proud to be a Mumbaikar. Just the day before yesterday, when I was on my way to college in a Virar local [those trains can be pretty nasty] while I was looking for a seat, a lady got up and offered me hers. After refusing initially, I accepted it and later got up so she could sit. This just made me admire the spirit of Mumbai because this has taken place a lot of times – with me and my friends. Occasionally, I try to do this as well.

Mumbai seems to be Terrorist Central for some reason or another. But, this does not seem to deter the spirit of Mumbai. After every blast or attack, hordes of Mumbaikars come out to offer help like food, water and shelter for the stranded and the injured. And, then they all rise together in a wave of indignation protesting the injustice against them time and again. We are a fearless and forgiving lot – a day after the train blasts, we were back on the locals. We might forgive, but we sure do not forget.

We love festivals and celebrations. The time India won the World Cup; people were out celebrating on the streets. Hugging random people and yelling and pumping their fists into the air. Mumbai becomes the City of Lights during Diwali, when people are extremely joyous and seem to be nice to everybody.

But then, every thing has flaws, and sadly so does Mumbai. When you’re a student, what you don’t want to see is people spitting right in front of you. Unfortunately, it’s only us students who understand this is really unhygienic and frankly, gross. I’ve seen educated, working people spit in front of me. And, then of course there are the usual eve teasers.

They’re there every where – every corner, on the footpath, in the shops, near college –everywhere. Although thankfully, the situation is still not as bad as it is Delhi.

Being in Mumbai is a crazy experience. You learn so many things. Just recently I learned what is ‘cutting chai’. Don’t ask me to explain it, it’s a Mumbaikar thing – you have to taste it to know it.

Mumbai’s biggest thing-Bollywood. So many local and international films every month –so much of talent. It challenges Hollywood and gives it a fair challenge at that. People are proud to say that they’ve come here to follow their dreams is the film industry. Like I’d said at the start, it’s the city of dreams.

I love so many things about Mumbai, a short list would include:

-Its scenic beauty by the sea –Marine Drive.

-The home of Filmstars.

-The people – a species never found anywhere. They say if you can live in Mumbai, you can live anywhere in the world.

-The awesome Vada pavs and Samosas that cannot be matched anywhere.

-The feeling of calling yourself a Mumbaikar. It’s such an awesome feeling.

People say Mumbai is like the New York of India. I beg to differ. Mumbai is unique –a place like no other. It’s special and extraordinary.

If I had the time and energy, I’d continue with this list forever. I love Mumbai – all it’s good things and its bad.

I’d like to conclude this post by saying that whatever happens, Mumbai will always be home. The place my heart belongs too.


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