So many things to do, So little time

These past few weeks have been really very hectic – Confirmation in church and then a horde of other activities at home. I haven’t found the time to do anything constructive. And then I realized how much time I had been wasting by procrastinating my chores! So, I decided it was time for a reality check. Here’s what I discovered –

First things first – Prioritizing the stuff you have to do always helps. Is it more important to read a book or complete your notes? Well, that’s a hard one, something I struggle occasionally with everyday.

Second – List out the stuff you have to do. And then make a time table. Remember when we were kids? Books were removed according to the timetable and every minute was accounted. There was so much of free time! Going back to that old tradition will be very helpful – personal experience here.

Third – Do not PROCRASTINATE! Thinking you have many days before a said task is due will make you carefree and you are likely to forget all about it until the last day which will make you do everything in a hurry. It will always be a haphazard mess – unless you’re really a last minute person.

These few weeks , I have been giving priority to lazing around. Even with more than five holidays, I couldn’t manage to blog about the so many topics I had in mind!

So, I have created a timetable for myself now. I shall come online everyday for an hour every evening. Another hour to read novels and the last hour to collect my thoughts and pen them down. My free time is usually from six to nine in the evening, you see. I have decided to blog every Saturday evening, since Sundays are more hectic with church and everything.

So, that’s all from me today.  A short one, because the things I want to write about are too jumbled up in my mind.

So, let’s hope I take my own advice and come back the next time with a better piece of writing!

P.S – My next blog is most definitely going to be a review of a book!


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