Mahablaeshwar Madness

Mahablaeshwar Madness

Today, my best friend had her tenth standard farewell. She looked all grown up in a beautiful saree. This made me realize that it has been a year since my school farewell. Time passes by, ever so swiftly. I have almost reached the end of my fyjc year in college!
This reminded me of my Mahablaeshwar trip last December. So many friends, so many little things! And, so many memories!
I remember taking this photo and then hoping it would a masterpiece loved by all on Facebook. Too bad, the uploaded quality differed.
Today, I upload this photograph, not thinking of how much people will like it, but how much I do, and how much it means to me. I have grown, no longer caring about what people say or think about me. I am what I am. I change only to progress.

This being said, I love my college.  And, I still yearn for my school days.


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